Man says police used excessive force

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WEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - One of 4 men who were arrested extracurricular of a nightclub successful Miami’s Wynwood vicinity said constabulary officers utilized excessive unit during the tough takedown, leaving him bloodied and bruised.

Christian Llanos spoke with 7News aft helium bonded retired of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center successful West Miami-Dade, Saturday.

He maintained his innocence successful aboriginal Friday morning’s brushwood with officers extracurricular of Centro Wynwood.

“Disappointed, completely, due to the fact that we didn’t bash thing wrong,” helium said.

Llanos said the mayhem unfolded aft helium and a radical of friends near the nine and saw his member getting attacked.

“Two random guys pulled up, came up to my brother, slapped him,” helium said.

Shortly aft helium ran to assistance his sibling, Llanos said, 2 City of Miami Police officers arrived.

“Officer hits maine from the back, wholly weighing connected the broadside of my face. They handcuffed us; [the officer] grabs my limb and pulls maine portion I’m handcuffed. I deed my caput connected the car,” said Llanos.

That’s when, Llanos said, the men who attacked them anterior to the officers’ accomplishment ran away.

When the officers started hitting him and his friends, Llanos said, his person Antonio Ordonez took retired his cellphone and began recording.

Ordonez spoke with 7News connected Friday.

“[The officer] is conscionable hitting him nonstop,” helium said.

The footage shows an serviceman repeatedly punching Llanos arsenic helium laic connected the pavement.

Llanos and 3 others were taken into custody and booked into jail.

But video posted online by Only successful Dade showed men throwing punches astatine constabulary earlier they were taken down.

In the apprehension report, an serviceman wrote a antheral “hit maine successful my rib area/waist and grabbed maine aggressively and pushed me.”

Another serviceman stated, “I was struck connected my close broadside of my face.”

But Llanos said the officers’ effect was excessive.

“We didn’t bash thing wrong. All we were doing was support idiosyncratic that is precise beloved to us, due to the fact that these 2 guys wanted to person a tussle for immoderate reason. We don’t adjacent cognize why,” helium said.

Llanos hopes the concern and the serviceman who, helium said, near his look scarred and swollen are afloat investigated.

“It’s uncalled for what they did, I genuinely deliberation so. I recognize they wanted to incorporate the situation, but this is not containing the situation. I don’t spot this arsenic containing the situation,” helium said.

A spokesperson for Miami Police issued a connection that reads, “Pursuant to its interior probe protocols, the Miami Police Department is actively reviewing each video and testimonial grounds related to the usage of unit and volition instrumentality due enactment if immoderate violations are identified.”

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