Man says support animal was wrongfully euthanized

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HENRY COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) - A seasoned claims his enactment carnal was euthanized astatine a Henry County structure portion helium was connected vacation.

To Leon Washington, Rocko, his canine of 2 years, was much than a pet. He was family. The American Bully breed was besides a enactment carnal to Washington, who lives with posttraumatic accent upset (PTSD) from his clip successful the U.S. Marine Corps.

“It’s been truly hard man, like, existent hard,” Washington said. “He relaxed me. Humans amusement emotion 1 way. Dogs amusement emotion different way, and to termination a canine due to the fact that of the breed, that’s unnecessary.”

“Killing these dogs similar that is not cool. That was my friend.”

A veteran’s enactment carnal was euthanized portion helium was connected vacation. Why the antheral believes his dog’s breed played a factor? Plus, Henry Co Animal Control responds astatine 5/6 connected @cbs46.

— Zac Summers (@ZacOnTV) June 21, 2022

Washington said Rocko ran disconnected from their Ellenwood location a time earlier the household was to permission for Hawaii. When they landed connected June 7, Washington received a notification from the institution that microchipped Rocko, saying idiosyncratic had dropped disconnected the canine astatine the Henry County Animal Shelter.

Washington said helium called the structure and a unit subordinate told him Rocko could enactment astatine the structure until helium returned from vacation. However, determination would beryllium a regular interest of $5.

“I said, ‘Are you definite he’s going to beryllium OK until I get back,’” Washington recalled. “She said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Are you definite he’s going to beryllium OK till I get back?’ She said, ‘Yes, conscionable marque definite you travel successful erstwhile you get back.’”

When Washington went to prime up Rocko past Wednesday, helium learned the structure had euthanized the canine the time before. Washington said unit told him “certain” unclaimed breeds are enactment down aft 4 days astatine the shelter, excluding Sundays and region holidays.

“The lone happening they tin archer maine is, ‘I’m sorry,’ Washington said. “That don’t bring him back. That was my friend.”

The Henry County Animal Care and Control is simply a part of the Henry County Police Department. In an email to CBS46, a spokesperson confirmed a national turned Rocko into the structure connected June 7. The spokesperson said aggregate attempts were made to interaction Washington to nary avail.

“On 6/14/2022, Henry County Animal Care and Control’s Policies/Procedures were followed resulting successful the canine being euthanized,” helium added.

Henry County has an ordinance that states if an carnal is not reclaimed by its proprietor successful 4 days, it’s relinquished to carnal power and whitethorn beryllium “immediately adopted, destroyed oregon different disposed of.”

“Killing these dogs similar that antheral is, it’s not cool,” Washington said. “It’s not chill astatine all. There has to beryllium different way. There has to beryllium different way.”

Washington said helium did not person aggregate calls from the shelter. He cautioned carnal lovers who mightiness brushwood a wandering dog, to beryllium definite the structure they’re dropping disconnected the carnal to is simply a no-kill shelter. He said had helium known Rocko was astatine hazard of being euthanized, helium would person done everything successful his powerfulness to person idiosyncratic retrieve him.

“Try to find a Humane Society, no-kill structure oregon thing to instrumentality those animals to due to the fact that successful Henry County, if you instrumentality them to their structure and cipher claims them wrong their timeframe, they’re going to termination them,” Washington added.

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