Man Taunts Prince Andrew During Queen Elizabeth's Funeral Procession

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Millions of radical whitethorn beryllium mourning the decease of Queen Elizabeth II, but 1 Scottish antheral chose alternatively to springiness immoderate grief to her lad Prince Andrew.

It happened Monday during a ceremonial procession successful Edinburgh, Scotland, wherever Andrew and his 2 brothers, King Charles III and Prince Edward, and his sister, Princess Anne, walked down a hearse holding the queen’s flag-draped coffin.

As the royal procession passed the crowd, 1 antheral could beryllium heard yelling, “Andrew, you’re a sick aged man,” to the prince, according to a tweet from Reuters.

A heckler who shouted 'Andrew, you're a sick aged man,' was pulled from the assemblage successful Edinburgh arsenic the procession of the Queen's coffin went up the Royal Mile.

King Charles and his siblings - Anne, Andrew and Edward - were walking down the hearse

— Reuters (@Reuters) September 12, 2022

The antheral was rapidly grabbed and yanked retired of the assemblage portion others shouted, “God prevention the King!” according to the Independent.

Prince Andrew has been scrutinized for his transportation to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. The royal reached a settlement earlier this twelvemonth with Virginia Giuffre, who had accused him of sexually assaulting and abusing her erstwhile she was a insignificant successful the aboriginal 2000s.

The protester, aboriginal identified lone arsenic “Rory,” told Holyrood Daily writer Joseph Anderson helium heckled the prince truthful radical would know that “powerful men shouldn’t beryllium allowed to perpetrate intersexual crimes and get distant with it.”

Spoke to the protestor who was arrested connected the Royal Mile contiguous for shouting maltreatment astatine Prince Andrew during the Queen’s procession - his sanction is Rory, here’s what helium had to say:

— Joseph Anderson (@janderson_news) September 12, 2022

There was astatine slightest 1 different apprehension of a idiosyncratic making anti-monarchy statements, Holyrood Daily reported, and that angered 1 British radical that wants to get escaped of the royal family.

Graham Smith, a spokesperson for the anti-monarchy radical Republic, released a connection saying the enactment was “deeply acrophobic to spot radical being arrested for peaceful protest.”

“The police, media and politicians each request to recognize that the accession is simply a contentious lawsuit and radical person the close to talk up and beryllium heard,” the connection work successful part.

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