Man who allegedly threatened to kill Sen. Ted Cruz faces federal charges

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CNN  — 

The Justice Department unsealed charges connected Wednesday against a Maryland antheral who allegedly threatened to termination a subordinate of Congress from a government-issued computer.

The member, who is not named successful tribunal documents, is Sen. Ted Cruz, a root acquainted with the substance tells CNN.

Investigators accidental that Justin Kuchta, 39, responded to an online lawsuit invitation successful July from the bureau of a Texas subordinate of Congress. In the email, Kuchta allegedly threatened to execution the subordinate astatine the event, prosecutors say.

“Thank you for the address!!! I’m coming to execution each of you Satanist f*ckers!!!” the connection said, according to tribunal documents. “Especially the chuckle-f*ck Zodiak [sic] Killer!! That abdominous fake f*cker ass volition beryllium the archetypal connected the gallows!!”

In different connection a fewer days later, Kuchta allegedly wrote: “THANKS FOR THE ADDRESS AND INVITE, SEE YOU ALL SOON ENOUGH!!!”

CNN has reached retired to Cruz’s bureau for comment.

Investigators tracked the emails to Kuchta’s IP code successful Maryland. Though Kuchta initially denied sending the message, prosecutors say, helium aboriginal admitted to sending the archetypal menace from his “government-issued computer.”

Kuchta is charged with 1 number of interstate threats and faces up to 5 years down bars if convicted. He has not yet entered a ceremonial plea, and a lawyer for Kuchta was not listed connected the docket.

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