Marcy Kaptur's competitive race in Ohio's 9th speaks volumes about the Democratic Party's place in the Rust Belt

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Fremont, Ohio (CNN)It was not yet 5 p.m. connected a Thursday, but the 818 Club edifice was already packed arsenic Rep. Marcy Kaptur walked around, greeting locals and introducing herself.

For a congresswoman successful bureau for astir 40 years, you would deliberation she would cognize much patrons successful this fashionable restaurant. But this concern is successful a caller portion of her bluish Ohio district, which changed dramatically aft the latest circular of redistricting, and whether Kaptur has served agelong capable is 1 of the astir hotly debated questions among imaginable voters.

With Democrats holding a razor bladed bulk successful the House, Kaptur's contention volition assistance find whether her enactment volition support power oregon look steep losses successful November's midterm elections. And adjacent here, wherever economical struggles are profoundly rooted, voters accidental they volition person different contented connected their caput arsenic they spell to the polls this twelvemonth -- abortion.

    Previously, Ohio's 9th District was truthful safely Democrat that adjacent though President Joe Biden mislaid the authorities successful 2020, helium carried the territory -- which stretched on the seashore of Lake Erie from Cleveland to Toledo -- by much than 15 points. Kaptur herself easy won reelection that year.

      A January 6 rally subordinate   could unseat the longest-serving pistillate   successful  the House

      But redistricting shifted the lines, encompassing counties successful the northwest portion of the state, stretching to the Indiana borderline - creating a overmuch much blimpish 9th territory that Donald Trump would person won-- and making Kaptur's 19th tally for bureau overmuch much competitive. Not since redistricting forced her into a superior against chap incumbent Dennis Kucinich successful 2012 has Kaptur faced specified odds.

      "A batch of footwear leather, a batch of idiosyncratic visits, a batch of nationalist events," Kaptur told CNN successful an interrogation betwixt events doing conscionable that.

      The contention besides features different dynamic with nationalist implications: Kaptur's Republican opponent, J.R. Majewski, is an predetermination denier who was astatine the US Capitol connected January 6, 2021. He has said helium went to protestation peacefully and near erstwhile "it got ugly."

        The contention is simply a head-on collision betwixt a long-time Rust Belt Democrat and an unabashed Trump Republican.

        A midwestern Democrat

        Being a marque sanction successful bluish Ohio helps Kaptur a lot. She's been a recognizable and contiguous fig present for 4 decades.

        But she says being a midwestern Democrat successful a enactment increasingly tally with large metropolis sensibilities connected some coasts is simply a increasing situation for her.

        "What coastal people, God bless them, don't understand, is that we mislaid our mediate class," Kaptur said.

        "We mislaid truthful galore radical who've worked hard each their lives, including successful galore of these tiny towns. I recognize that. We consciousness their pain. We went done it together."

        Kaptur is relying connected voters similar Joe Stallbaum, a subordinate of the expanse metallic workers Local 33 Toledo district, a national that endorsed some Republican Gov. Mike DeWine and Kaptur this year.

        Stallbaum has been moving connected a monolithic renovation of Toledo's normal halfway for astir 2 years and says helping revitalize his hometown fills him with pride. But helium besides says a batch of his friends and colleagues inactive consciousness forgotten.

        "I deliberation determination should beryllium a batch much absorption connected moving people radical and what we do," helium explained. "It conscionable seems similar we ever get near behind."

        A second-generation operation worker, Stallbaum says helium watched a batch of his chap national members wantonness the Democratic Party successful favour of Trump successful 2016 and different Republicans since then. With national households making up adjacent to 20% of the vote, it helps explicate Democrats' struggles successful Ohio and different parts of the Rust Belt.

        But Stallbaum believes that Kaptur is antithetic than the nationalist Democratic Party -- she's idiosyncratic who appreciates and understands bluish collar workers.

        "I ever felt that Marcy listened to moving people people. That's 1 of the things I similar astir her. I deliberation she's precise approachable. She doesn't look distant to me. I consciousness I could person reached retired to her anytime I had wanted to."

        A longtime Kaptur supporter, helium plans to ballot for her again.

        "She's ne'er fixed maine a crushed not to enactment her. Everything she's ever done is for Toledo and for our region," helium said. "I spot her."

        Support for Trump remains

        But that benignant of enactment for Kaptur is harder to find successful the new, blimpish parts of the territory -- particularly astatine Bud's Restaurant successful Defiance, Ohio, wherever the java is ever blistery and the speech is ever lively - particularly aboriginal successful the mornings erstwhile a regular radical of men capable the booths.

        CNN asked the 7 men stretching crossed 2 tables if anyone planned to ballot for Kaptur. Only 1 said yes.

        Trump won Defiance County by much than 35 points successful 2020. He endorsed Kaptur's challenger Majewski successful June.

        For Joe Clements, Trump's endorsement unsocial is enough.

        "It means a lot. I similar Trump," helium said.

        But that's controversial, adjacent here.

        "The antheral wants to beryllium a dictator," said Steve Santo, the lone Kaptur protagonist astatine the table. "You don't recognize that. He tried to overthrow our government. And that's the bottommost enactment and you guys can't spot it. I'm sorry. That's what happened connected January 6. You can't archer maine immoderate different."

        Majewski's beingness astatine the Capitol connected the time of the insurrection is simply a woody breaker for Santo.

        "I would ne'er ballot for him. For immoderate of those radical who were determination connected January 6th. They really tried to overtake our government."

        His person Scott Brown disagreed.

        "I deliberation determination were a batch of radical who were determination that didn't spell successful - conscionable were determination to beryllium portion of it. So I don't deliberation that would power my ballot against him."

        Brown, present retired, says his enactment allegiance has changed successful caller years.

        "I ever considered myself a Democrat. Since the mode Democrats person been coming down connected everything, I changed my feelings astir that, and present I person signed up to beryllium a Republican."

        Terry Howarth was besides down connected Democrats successful Washington.

        "Biden's got this state - you cognize Afghanistan, the border, inflation, this pupil indebtedness thing." helium said, pausing connected his database of grievances with the Biden medication to stress however upset helium is astir the president's program for pupil indebtedness forgiveness.

        "I paid for my kids' education, I paid for my ain education. If you spell to college, you expect the feline who's similar who conscionable hardly get by here. Expect them to wage for somebody's assemblage education?"

        Still, not each voters astatine Bud's are sold connected Majewski, an Air Force seasoned who became known successful this country for turning his tract into a 19,000-foot Trump 2020 sign.

        CNN's KFILE unearthed grounds Majewski repeatedly promoted QAnon conspiracies, though he's since denied being a follower. He's besides dispersed the baseless mentation that the January 6 onslaught was "driven by the F.B.I. and it was a signifier show."

        Seth Peters, a Republican, hasn't decided who he's going to ballot for, due to the fact that helium doesn't cognize capable astir Majewski's platform.

        "I privation to spot however helium would amended the area. How helium would bash successful Congress, what his plans are. Because I'm 30, astir 31, my woman and I are astir apt going to person kids and what are they going to bash for our kids, for our grandkids, our future?" Peters asked.

        Through a spokesman, Majewski declined CNN's petition for an interrogation to reply specified questions, oregon supply immoderate accusation astir nationalist events wherever helium mightiness beryllium explaining his positions.

        The termination contented prevails

        Even amidst a struggling economy, galore of the voters CNN talked to crossed the territory said termination was a apical concern. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade successful June, holding that determination is nary longer a national law close to an abortion, galore voters person go energized by the contented that was erstwhile considered settled law.

        In Toledo, Stallbaum, the national subordinate and expanse metallic worker, said women's rights was the fig 1 contented driving his vote.

        Graham's 15-week termination  measure  further complicates Republican midterm messaging

        "I whitethorn not hold with it, idiosyncratic other whitethorn not hold with it. That doesn't substance to me," helium said of abortion. "What matters to maine is that it's your determination to make. That person's, that woman's determination to make, cipher else's. And I deliberation that was perfectly incorrect to instrumentality that away.

        He attributes immoderate of that to his national values.

        "In the trades, it doesn't substance what your race, your religion, your governmental affiliation, your gender, we each get paid the same. Men and women broadside by broadside get paid precisely the aforesaid successful hourly rate. Exactly the aforesaid successful benefits. It should beryllium similar that crossed the board."

        Back astatine Bud's, Republican-leaning elector Terry Howarth is besides concerned.

        "I recognize arsenic a medic retired from the aesculapian field, that to overturn Roe vs. Wade, there's gonna beryllium a batch of women who die," helium said, but besides made wide the contented is not driving his ballot and inactive intended to enactment Republicans present successful November.

        Across the array from Howarth, Greg Steyer says it is his apical issue. He's Catholic, firmly against abortion, and though his lad erstwhile worked for Kaptur, helium says helium volition ballot against her due to the fact that she supports termination rights.

        "Obviously the Democratic Party supports abortion. Probably the biggest question I person is, however [...] Catholic enactment tin accidental that they are beardown Catholics and inactive enactment abortion?" said Steyer.

        "Greg and I disagree connected the termination issue," Howarth changeable back.

        "We request to bash thing to alteration that we're not having 700,000 abortions a year. But we cannot marque it illegal."

        Following the Supreme Court striking down Roe, a instrumentality passed by the Ohio authorities legislature successful 2019 went into effect, prohibiting abortions arsenic aboriginal arsenic six weeks into a pregnancy. That instrumentality was temporarily blocked past week, truthful abortions successful the authorities presently tin beryllium obtained up to 20 weeks post-fertilization.

        Majewski has not been outspoken connected the issue. Kaptur supports a woman's close to take -- and told CNN that she hears astir it from voters crossed the state.

        "I had a young pistillate travel up to maine successful Defiance, and she said, 'Marcy, if thing happens, what americium I expected to do?' She was successful tears," Kaptur said.

        She acknowledged that the close to an termination is tenuous successful her state.

        "Ohio is simply a authorities wherever that 10-year-old girl, who was a unfortunate of incest, was made to spell retired of state. Her big relatives had to instrumentality her retired of authorities to marque a decision, a consequential decision," Kaptur said, referring to the young miss who traveled to Indiana earlier this twelvemonth for an abortion.

        "I deliberation radical privation that determination to beryllium made freely, wrong the confines of their ain family, and they don't privation politicians oregon Washington taking distant their freedom."

        Poised to interruption different record

        Kaptur is presently the longest serving pistillate member successful the past of the House of Representatives. If she wins successful November and is sworn successful for a 20th term, she volition interruption different record, surpassing erstwhile Sen. Barbara Mikulski arsenic the longest-serving pistillate successful the past of Congress.

        That information that she's been successful bureau truthful agelong sparks beardown feelings among voters, particularly astatine Buds.

        "If the feline from Toledo wins, we're backmost to basal 1 again," said Santo, referring to Majewski, the GOP challenger.

        "Oh, bash you privation to beryllium connected this committee? Well, we'll fto you beryllium connected determination for a infinitesimal oregon so, but you person nary accidental successful what goes on. But present Marcy's already got it going on. She tin bash much for Ohio close present than anybody else," helium added.

        This sparked affable jabs from others astatine the table, teasing him that helium sounds similar an advertisement for Kaptur.

        "Not that she's not a bully person. I conscionable deliberation she's been successful bureau agelong enough," said Brown.

        Others said Kaptur's astir 40 years successful bureau exemplifies the request for word limits successful Congress.

        When CNN asked Kaptur astir those concerns, she insisted her longevity is simply a large portion of what makes her successful.

        "When you travel from this portion of the country, each you person is your seniority and your enactment ethic successful bid to present for your people. Because the different places person much voices - California has astir 60 members of Congress. Ohio lone has 15," she explained.

        "When you get there, you're outnumbered, and you don't person the gavel, you don't person immoderate of the resources that they have. So, it takes longer to execute something."

          As the longtime Ohio lawmaker enters the last weeks of the astir competitory contention she has had successful a while, she honed her Rust Belt transportation for yet different term.

          "I travel from the working-class people. I cognize what it takes. And determination truthful fewer specified voices. So, I basal connected the shoulders of radical who person sacrificed greatly," she said.

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