Maren Morris may not attend the CMA Awards after dispute with Jason Aldean and his wife

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(CNN)Country euphony prima Maren Morris is nominated for medium of the twelvemonth astatine the upcoming CMA Awards, but close present she wouldn't consciousness "comfortable" attending the November ceremony.

In an interrogation with the Los Angeles Times published Tuesday, Morris discussed her caller quality with Brittany and Jason Aldean implicit comments they made connected Instagram astir young radical receiving gender-affirming attraction that Morris criticized arsenic transphobic.

"I'm precise honored that my grounds is nominated," Morris said of her CMA nomination. "But I don't cognize if I consciousness [at] location determination close now. So galore radical I emotion volition beryllium successful that room, and possibly I'll marque a game-time determination and go. But arsenic of close now, I don't consciousness comfy going."

    Morris described feeling a request to basal against bigotry successful the state euphony community.

      "I hatred feeling similar I request to beryllium the hallway show of treating radical similar quality beings successful state music," Morris told the publication. "It's exhausting. But there's a precise insidious civilization of radical feeling precise comfy being transphobic and homophobic and racist, and that they tin wrapper it successful a gag and nary 1 volition ever telephone them retired for it. It conscionable becomes mean for radical to behave similar that."

      Morris has precocious travel nether occurrence by immoderate conservatives for speaking retired against transphobia, with Fox News big Tucker Carlson calling her a "lunatic state euphony person."

      The vocalist has since partnered with the LGBTQ advocacy enactment GLAAD and Trans Lifeline to merchandise a garment emblazoned with the operation to raise money for organizations supporting transgender youth. The effort has raised much than $150,000 truthful far.

          She besides plans to proceed to talk her mind.

          "I don't deliberation I mislaid immoderate fans implicit this," Morris said. "I've been precise wide from the get-go. It sucks erstwhile artists enactment quiet, enactment quiet, enactment quiet, and past they yet scope their breaking constituent and person to accidental thing due to the fact that thing is truthful unjust oregon disgusting. And past they suffer fractional their assemblage due to the fact that they stayed quiet. I effort to archer my hubby this, due to the fact that he's inactive gathering [his ain euphony career]: Let radical cognize wherever you stand. The ones who don't get it volition autumn away, but the ones that instrumentality with you volition cognize what they're contributing to."

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