Marilyn Monroe Estate Defends Casting Of Ana De Armas In Netflix Biopic

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The casting of Cuban-born Ana de Armas arsenic Marilyn Monroe successful the upcoming Netflix biopic, “Blonde,” has caused immoderate Twitter users to spell into a tizzy, but she is getting enactment from wherever it counts: the iconic actor’s estate.

Although Monroe’s property hasn’t officially authorized the film, Marc Rosen, president of amusement astatine Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which owns the estate, told Variety helium approves of de Armas successful the rubric role.

“Marilyn Monroe is simply a singular Hollywood and popular civilization icon that transcends generations and history,” Rosen said. “Any histrion that steps into that relation knows they person large shoes to fill. Based connected the trailer alone, it looks similar Ana was a large casting prime arsenic she captures Marilyn’s glamour, humanity and vulnerability. We can’t hold to spot the movie successful its entirety!”

When the film’s second trailer was released past week, immoderate Twitter users commented that they recovered de Armas’ accent distracting, according to TMZ.

The movie is based connected the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the aforesaid name. De Armas told Netflix Queue that she prepared for the relation by studying “hundreds of photographs, videos, audio recordings, films — thing I could get my hands on.”

She told The Times of London successful January 2021 that she spent months moving with coaches trying to dependable similar Monroe ― and it wasn’t easy. “It took maine 9 months of dialect coaching, and practicing and immoderate ADR sessions [to get the accent right]. It was a large torture, truthful exhausting. My encephalon was fried.” ADR stands for automated dialog replacement, the post-production process wherever an actor’s lines are rerecorded.

The movie volition beryllium released globally connected Sept. 23. Director Andrew Dominik told Vulture that it has “something successful it to offend everyone.”

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