Maryland Zoo welcomes two new baby chicks

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BALTIMORE – The Maryland Zoo announced Tuesday that 2 Von der Decken's Hornbill chicks hatched past month.  

The two-week-old chicks hatched successful aboriginal July, and won't beryllium disposable to the nationalist for respective weeks. That's due to the fact that of the parent bird's nesting instinct, which is to mud up the nest until the chicks are ample enough, according to the zoo. 

dsc-4882-2.jpg The babe chicks were concisely removed from the nest truthful avian specialists tin cheque their value and health.  Maryland Zoo

Right now, the nest lone has an entranceway for the antheral vertebrate to bring successful food, but eventually, the parent volition request to unfastened the nest to bring the increasing chicks nutrient arsenic well.  

The birds, named aft German explorer Baron Karl Klaus Von der Decken, are recovered successful scrubby woodlands and adust savanna crossed eastbound Africa. Their fare is simply a substance of fruits, bugs, meats and vegetables.  

"We archetypal brought Von der Decken's to the Maryland Zoo successful 2012 and person had occurrence with our breeding brace and the offspring of these striking, highly societal birds," said Jen Kottyan, the zoo's Curator of Birds. 

 "They're casual to spot with hooked beaks and achromatic and achromatic feathers," Kottyan continued. "The pistillate has a achromatic beak portion the antheral has a agleam orangish beak. They are each precise agile flyers."   


The birds tin usually beryllium seen successful the African Aviary on the African Watering Hole Boardwalk, but the aviary is presently closed arsenic a biosecurity measure against the avian flu. The zoo closed its aviaries successful March. 

To larn much astir the hatching of the two Von der Decken's Hornbill chicks and erstwhile they volition beryllium disposable for the nationalist interaction 410-396-7102.  

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