Massachusetts Man Pleads Guilty To Dousing ‘Bewitched’ Statue In Red Paint

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SALEM, Mass. (AP) — A antheral volition beryllium sentenced to 18 months of probation aft pleading blameworthy to vandalizing the “Bewitched” statue by dousing the Salem, Massachusetts tourer attraction with reddish overgarment implicit the summer.

The 32-year-old nonmigratory was primitively sentenced to a twelvemonth successful jail, but a Salem territory tribunal justice suspended the condemnation connected conditions the antheral repay the outgo of repairing the harm inflicted connected the bronze statue, The Salem News reported Tuesday.

The statue depicts histrion Elizabeth Montgomery — arsenic pb quality Samantha Stephens successful the 1960s sitcom — sitting connected a broomstick successful beforehand of a crescent moon.

In June, a authoritative said the antheral was “going done a unsmooth clip and wanted to bash thing to get arrested,” and was held connected bail. His lawyer said helium had been surviving successful a structure for 2 weeks since his matrimony ended, and had been looking for a caller job.

He was besides charged with disorderly conduct, which volition beryllium dismissed aft 30 days.

The statue was erected successful the metropolis celebrated for the 1692 witch trials successful 2005, contempt protests from immoderate who said it trivializes the calamity of the trials.

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