'Mattress Mack' makes historic $75 million win

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A prolific Houston gambler with a knack for attention-getting bets won astir $75 cardinal aft the Houston Astros won the World Series, including what sportsbooks accidental would beryllium the largest payout connected a azygous ineligible sports stake successful U.S. history.

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale of Houston has wagered a full of $10 cardinal with galore sportsbooks connected an Astros victory.

His bets see a $3 cardinal wager made backmost successful May with Caesars Sportsbook astatine 10-to-1 odds. It pays him $30 million, which Brad Harwood, a spokesperson for the sportsbook, said is the largest payout connected a azygous ineligible sports stake successful U.S. history.

"I person nary fearfulness successful me," Mack said earlier the large triumph connected Nov. 1, portion giving distant mattresses successful Atlantic City to subject personnel, veterans and archetypal responders astatine Harrah's casino. "I person a precocious tolerance for risk. If I lose, there's ever different day."

Mack has a agelong past of ample bets connected the World Series, Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four tournament. He links the bets to effort to screen the outgo of promotions astatine his mattress store successful Houston; Now that the Astros won this year, customers who bought high-end mattresses volition get their wealth back.

In summation to his $3 cardinal stake with Caesars, Mack stake $2 cardinal with BetMGM; $2 cardinal with Barstool Sports; and $1 cardinal each with Wynn, Unibet and Betfred.

He figures he's up "probably a mates cardinal net" successful the six oregon truthful years helium has been making ample bets connected sports championships.

But it doesn't ever enactment retired for him. He mislaid astir $10 cardinal connected the astir caller Super Bowl, backing the Cincinnati Bengals implicit the eventual champion Los Angeles Rams.

He besides whiffed connected an Astros World Series stake successful 2021, connected Alabama successful the nationalist assemblage title game, arsenic good arsenic connected NFL futures bets connected the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans.

2022 World Series results: Astros triumph 4-1

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