Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles tests positive for the virus.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles successful  May.
Credit...Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times
  • Nov. 3, 2021, 6:07 p.m. ET

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles tested affirmative for the coronavirus connected Wednesday arsenic helium was attending an league connected clime alteration successful Glasgow.

The mayor’s Twitter relationship announced the affirmative test:

Mayor Garcetti tested affirmative for COVID-19 earlier today.

He is feeling bully and isolating successful his edifice room. He is afloat vaccinated.

— MayorOfLA (@MayorOfLA) November 3, 2021

The league — COP26, organized by the United Nations — brought unneurotic satellite leaders and different delegates to acceptable goals for cutting greenhouse state emissions. Mr. Garcetti was attending arsenic the seat of C40, a radical of mayors from astir the satellite who privation to present enactment connected clime change.

The league required participants from extracurricular Britain to instrumentality some a accelerated coronavirus trial and a much delicate PCR trial upon accomplishment successful the country. Each time of the conference, participants besides had to self-administer a accelerated trial and registry a antagonistic effect online successful bid to beryllium capable to participate the event’s main venues.

Harrison Wollman, the mayor’s property secretary, wrote successful an email that Mr. Garcetti “was taking regular accelerated antigen tests regular portion astatine the conference, and those each came backmost negative. He took a PCR trial successful mentation for his formation home, and that effect was positive.”

Mr. Garcetti spoke connected Monday astatine the World Leaders Summit and connected Tuesday astatine a C40 event. He skipped immoderate events connected Wednesday and isolated himself successful his edifice country aft helium tested positive.

As for however agelong the politician would stay there, Mr. Wollman said, “We are inactive determining adjacent steps, but the politician volition travel the proposal of British nationalist wellness experts.”

Frustrations among attendees implicit agelong information lines astatine the league have been mounting — immoderate complained that they had to hold successful enactment for much than an hour. Verification of antagonistic tests and capableness limits for gathering rooms were contributing to the logistical problems.

Masks were required astatine the conference, but attendees could beryllium seen with their masks lowered alternatively than covering their mouths and noses, and determination was nary societal distancing. The crowded conditions fueled concerns that mediocre aerial circulation successful the league venues could make an situation conducive to spreading the virus.

Organizers of the league released a missive connected Tuesday apologizing for the difficulties.

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