McDonald's CEO Slammed For 'Racist, Ignorant' Text Message About Shooting Deaths

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The CEO of McDonald’s is nether occurrence implicit a substance connection helium sent to the Chicago politician placing onus connected the parents of 2 children killed successful shootings successful the city.

McDonald’s employees and assemblage groups person expressed outrage astatine CEO Chris Kempczinski aft a Freedom of Information Act petition filed by an activistic revealed a substance helium sent to Mayor Lori Lightfoot successful April aft a gathering astatine McDonald’s Chicago headquarters.

“P.s. tragic shootings successful past week, some astatine our edifice yesterday and with Adam Toldeo [sic]. With both, the parents failed those kids which I cognize is thing you can’t say. Even harder to fix,” Kempczinski wrote connected April 19, the time aft 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams was fatally changeable by a gunman portion sitting with her begetter successful a car successful a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Three weeks earlier, a 13-year-old boy, Adam Toledo, was shot and killed by Chicago police. Video footage showed the lad had some hands raised erstwhile helium was shot.

A twelve groups, including the Chicago Fight for $15 and a Union, Little Village Community Council and Centro Sin Fronteras, said that the substance drew attraction to larger issues and that they planned to protestation astatine McDonald’s office Wednesday.

The groups called his comments “ignorant, racist and unacceptable coming from anyone, fto unsocial the CEO of McDonald’s, a institution that spends large to marketplace to communities of colour and purports to basal with Black lives” successful an unfastened missive they program to nonstop Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

McDonald’s worker Adriana Sanchez told WBEZ Chicago she that was angered by the comments and that Kempczinski was “putting the blasted connected parents for the unit successful the streets.”

“He can’t subordinate due to the fact that helium is affluent and we are not, and helium doesn’t recognize our struggle,” she said.

Kempczinski addressed the contention Tuesday successful an email to employees, saying his remarks lacked the “compassion and empathy I consciousness for these families.”

“It is connected each of america to bash amended for the children of our communities. I americium committed to moving with civic leaders and elected officials to recognize what that means for McDonald’s, and I volition beryllium asking each of you to articulation maine successful this pursuit,” helium wrote, according to the Tribune.

The signatories of the missive called connected Kempczinski to conscionable with employees and assemblage leaders to stock however helium plans to tackle systemic racism astatine McDonald’s and beyond.

McDonald’s has a agelong past of racial favoritism allegations. Black franchisees person accused the institution of confining them to little profitable restaurants successful number communities portion not offering them fiscal enactment fixed to achromatic owners. Last year, much than 4 twelve Black erstwhile franchisees filed a national lawsuit against the institution accusing it of systemic radical discrimination.

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