Meet the pups headed to the Westminster Dog Show final

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(CNN)The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is afoot, which marks 1 of the fewer events wherever we tin ogle photos of adorable dogs and consciousness benignant of classy astir it.

So far, 4 finalists person been picked. These good specimens volition beryllium joined by 3 others for Wednesday night's finale, wherever 1 outstanding canine volition beryllium crowned Best successful Show.

Fans of televised bath accidents and radical successful suits staring pensively astatine canine underbellies tin drawback each of the heart-stopping action unrecorded connected FS1 (because this is simply a sport!) oregon the Westminster Kennel Club website. The festivities commencement astatine 7:30 p.m. ET.

Now, connected to the dogs! The WKC recognizes 211 antithetic breeds of dog, and the full constituent of the contention is to find the dogs that adhere astir to their breed's standards (hence each of the underbelly scrutinizing). The show's finalists each correspond the champion of seven antithetic groups of canine breeds: herding, hound, non-sporting, terrier, artifact and working. While the 4 dogs already acceptable to caput to the last whitethorn alteration successful size, 2 virtues hindrance them together: They're each precise bully astatine being the types of dogs they are, and they each person fantabulous names.

Hound Group: Trumpet (Bloodhound)

Trumpet, victor  of the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's Hound Group.

Bloodhounds are "one of the oldest breeds of dogs that hunt by scent," according to Westminster Kennel Club classifications. A find by a trained bloodhound tin adjacent beryllium utilized successful a tribunal of law! The American Kennel Club describes the perfect bloodhound look arsenic "noble and dignified, and characterized by solemnity, wisdom, and power." Trumpet has nailed it.

Non-sporting Group: Winston (French bulldog)

Winston,  victor  of the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's Non-sporting Group.

Ah, Winston. A classical French bulldog sanction for a classical guy. According to the WKC, Frenchies don't person a batch of, well, utile skills. But they marque up for it by being cute. "Most French Bulldogs excel astatine being friendly, loving clowns whose raison d'être is to beryllium adored," their breed statement says. Winston's smiling small look has surely gotten him far. (Also, 1 of Winston's owners is an NFL antiaircraft lineman! That counts arsenic a accomplishment for him, right?)

Toy Group: Hollywood (Maltese)

Hollywood, victor  of the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's Toy Group.

Hollywood looks similar she thinks she's amended than everyone else, and she's right. Toy dogs are bred for quality companionship and laps of luxury. The WKC Maltese breed description says they person been fashionable pets among royalty for centuries, owed to their "elegance and beauty." Hollywood, prima that she is, bested respective different artifact beauts, including Porsche, the archetypal Russian artifact dog to marque it to the semifinals.

Herding Group: River (German shepherd)

River, victor  of the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's Herding Group.

German shepherds are favorites successful the herding group, and it's casual to spot why. Not lone are they highly astute and enthusiastic, they tin beryllium trained for enactment successful instrumentality enforcement and the military. And yet, the WKC points out they are besides household friendly, and marque large work dogs. A German shepherd named Rumor won the WKC's Best successful Show successful 2017. Can River vie for a repeat?

Wednesday nighttime volition find the finalists from the terrier, hunting and moving groups. But lone 1 of the last 7 tin beryllium the apical dog!

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