Meg Ryan Is Returning To Her Roots With First Rom-Com In 20 Years

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When it comes to romanticist comedies, there’s an undisputed truth: Absolutely nary 1 does it amended than Meg Ryan.

So, successful quality that volition surely elicit much authentic pleasance than that iconic “When Harry Met Sally” scene, the histrion is revisiting the genre that catapulted her to stardom successful an upcoming diagnostic movie titled “What Happens Later.”

Ryan volition nonstop and prima alongside “X-Files” alum David Duchovny successful the film, which is described arsenic an “evolved and nostalgic” instrumentality connected the rom-com, per Variety.

“What if precocious 1 snowy nighttime you came look to look with idiosyncratic from your agelong ago? Someone who erstwhile held your secrets, due to the fact that once, agelong ago, that idiosyncratic held your heart,” the film’s authoritative logline reads.

Serving up a classical rom-com setup, the communicative centers connected erstwhile lovers Willa (Ryan) and Bill (Duchovny) who are reunited by accidental decades aft their divided erstwhile they find themselves stranded astatine an airdrome overnight during a snowstorm.

“Willa is inactive the willful, autarkic tone she erstwhile was, escaped of immoderate ties, portion the precocious separated Bill is reassessing his beingness and his relationships with his estranged woman and daughter,” the synopsis reads. “All each of them wants is to get location but implicit the people of the nighttime they find themselves astatine archetypal reluctantly drawn unneurotic yet compelled to revisit their past, on with what could person been and what mightiness good beryllium again. But erstwhile the versions of their shared past don’t rather adhd up, wherever bash they spell from there?”

Ryan shared the poster for the movie connected Instagram Tuesday, penning successful the caption, “HERE WE GO.”

“What Happens Later” is based connected the play “Shooting Star” by Steven Dietz, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ryan and Kirk Lynn. Production is acceptable to statesman successful Bentonville, Arkansas, aboriginal this year, and the movie is slated to deed theaters sometime successful 2023.

The movie marks Ryan’s archetypal starring relation successful a full-blown rom-com since 2001’s “Kate and Leopold.” The prima has lone appeared successful a fistful of films since then, arsenic she’s mostly stepped distant from the spotlight successful caller years.

Speaking to The New York Times Magazine successful 2019 astir her determination to property intermission connected her acting career, Ryan said, “I was burned out. I didn’t consciousness similar I knew capable anymore astir myself oregon the satellite to bespeak it arsenic an actor. I felt isolated.”

At the time, Ryan besides mentioned that she was processing an unnamed rom-com, remarking that she brings a definite level of expertise to the table, fixed her roles successful classics specified arsenic “Sleepless successful Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail.”

“I’’m alert present that romanticist comedies are confections, but they person construction,” she told the outlet. “There’s architecture. It’s not thing I was alert of backmost then.”

After a fistful of tv appearances, Ryan yet returned to the large surface successful 2015 for her directorial debut “Ithaca,” which besides starred her lad with Dennis Quaid, Jack, who’s gone connected to person a palmy acting vocation of his own.

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