Melania Trump Rips Vogue 'Bias' For Keeping Her Off The Cover

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A miffed Melania Trump spoke successful an interrogation of the “obvious” “bias,” seemingly political, of radical successful complaint of Vogue mag that kept her disconnected the screen portion she was archetypal lady.

“They’re biased, and they person likes and dislikes, and it’s truthful obvious,” she told Fox NewsPete Hegseth Friday successful her archetypal interrogation since leaving the White House. I deliberation American radical and everyone spot it [the Vogue bias]. It was their decision,” Trump said.

She was responding to Hegseth’s reflection that Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton each appeared connected the screen of Vogue erstwhile they were archetypal ladies.

Kamala Harris was connected the screen earlier she became vice president.

Trump insisted she had “much much important things to bash — and I did successful the White House — than being connected the screen of Vogue.”

In archetypal interrogation since leaving the WH, Melania is asked, “With your concern background, and your manner background, and your beauty, ne'er connected the screen of Vogue?”
A - “They’re biased .. I had overmuch much important things to bash .. successful the WH than beryllium connected the screen of Vogue.”

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) May 14, 2022

Other GOP archetypal ladies, including some Laura and Barbara Bush, besides ne'er had their infinitesimal connected the screen of Vogue.

Melania Trump did look connected the screen successful 2005 successful her wedding formal shortly aft she joined Donald Trump.

Melania Trump’s erstwhile person and unpaid elder advisor Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff claimed that the erstwhile archetypal woman was offered a Vogue sprout erstwhile Donald Trump was successful the White House, but that she refused unless she was guaranteed the cover.

When Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour was asked successful 2019 wherefore she chose to enactment much Democratic women connected the screen of Vogue, she told CNN’s Christine Amanpour: “If you’re talking astir the archetypal woman [Michelle Obama] oregon Senator [Kamala] Harris, evidently these are women that we feel are icons and inspiring to women from a planetary perspective.”

She added that it wasn’t a clip “not to instrumentality a stand. I deliberation you can’t beryllium everything to everybody. Those of america that enactment astatine [Vogue publisher] Conde Nast judge that you person to basal up for what you judge in, and you person to instrumentality a constituent of view,” Wintour added.

Melania Trump besides took the accidental successful her Fox News interrogation to bash “leadership” for America’s shortage of babe formula.

The Biden medication does not manufacture formula; it’s made and sold by three large companies, which person small contention and a almighty power of the market.

The shortage was triggered successful portion by pandemic-related proviso concatenation issues combined with a massive information recall by the largest look producer, Abbott Nutrition, which was forced to adjacent its Michigan works earlier this twelvemonth owed to contamination concerns.

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