Members of New York Times, NBC News Digital Unions Defy Return-to-Office Plans

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Some national members of the New York Times and NBC News’s integer properties vowed not to travel to the bureau this week and alternatively enactment remotely, defying their respective employers’ back-to-the-office plans.

Starting this week, the Times and NBC News expect employees to instrumentality to the bureau astatine slightest portion of the week, some quality organizations person told unit successful caller memos.

The Times national connected Sunday said it has much than 1,280 signatures from members pledging to enactment home, immoderate of which travel from a coordinated effort with the Times’s tech and Wirecutter unions. The 3 Times unions collectively person astir 2,000 members.

A Times spokeswoman said the quality enactment believes a hybrid enactment situation champion suits the New York Times astatine this moment. She besides said a collaborative enactment situation is simply a operator of success.

Multiple Times national members said the enactment was portion of a larger effort to negociate for a declaration that includes higher wages and much flexible moving conditions, among different issues specified arsenic betterment successful diverseness and inclusion efforts.

The Times national is presently negotiating with management to renew a five-year declaration that expired successful March 2021.

The Times is portion of New York Times Co. NYT -0.13% , portion NBC News is portion of Comcast Corp.’s CMCSA 0.73% NBCUniversal.

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Some 215 members of NBC News’s integer newsroom national vowed to enactment location this week, said Tate James, a video exertion astatine NBC News and caput of the integer union’s bargaining committee. The union, which similar the Times’s national is portion of the NewsGuild of New York, represents astir 275 people.

In a missive that it tweeted past Wednesday, the company’s integer newsroom national said NBC was coercing employees to adhere to a program that hadn’t been negotiated.

The astir three-year-old union, which includes employees crossed, and, is besides pushing for accrued flexibility to enactment remotely, Mr. James said.

An NBC News spokesperson said the quality enactment remained committed to a flexible and hybrid workplace and was successful discussions with the Guild implicit a flexible return-to-office policy.

The Times successful July told employees that it expected astir unit to instrumentality to the bureau astatine slightest portion of the week, including a hybrid regular with regular attendance, starting the week of Sept. 12. The institution previously delayed an earlier planned return owed to a Covid spike successful New York City.

Labor-organizing efforts crossed U.S. media person accrued successful the past fewer years. Last year, workers astatine Condé Nast publications the New Yorker, Pitchfork and Ars Technica reached their archetypal contracts with the company, and past week much than 500 unit astatine the remaining publications, accumulation workplace and Condé Nast Entertainment were recognized arsenic portion of the union.

Hundreds of tech staffers astatine the New York Times besides voted to unionize this March, creating the largest national of tech workers with bargaining rights successful the country, the NewsGuild of New York said astatine the time.

Wall Street Journal genitor Dow Jones & Co. precocious reached a one-year corporate statement with IAPE, the national that represents much than 1,300 members crossed Dow Jones publications and different divisions successful the U.S. and Canada. The statement had enactment from 94.3% of voting members.

Last week, a squad of Wall Street Journal photo-department employees filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to beryllium recognized by the union. Beyond the Journal, Dow Jones publishes MarketWatch and Barron’s, among different things.

In an email signed by 34 people, the radical said that 89% of the Journal’s photograph editors signed union-authorization cards, indicating a tendency to beryllium portion of the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees, the national that has represented Journal unit for much than 80 years.

Since June 2021, the part has had a continuing speech with ineligible representatives for Dow Jones, the email said.

Dow Jones, a portion of News Corp, declined to comment.

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