Mets Announcer Hilariously Imagines Conversation Between Phillies Fans In Stands

6 days ago 3

New York Mets announcer Gary Cohen could person a aboriginal successful comedy. (Watch the video below.)

When the camera panned to 2 Philadelphia Phillies fans arguing arsenic their squad was losing 6-1 astatine location successful the 2nd crippled of a doubleheader, the SNY broadcaster filled america successful connected the dialogue. At slightest successful his mind.

“No, I privation you to enactment for the full 2nd game. They mightiness rally, they could win,” Cohen joked, playing the guy’s portion successful the viral clip.

The antheral and woman, who appeared to beryllium a couple, seemed to scope immoderate benignant of resolution, truthful possibly Cohen was right. But unluckily for the Philly faithful, the people connected Sunday remained the same.

The SNY squad besides precocious pointed retired the antithetic interplay betwixt umpire Chad Fairchild and Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt. Between innings past week, the ump could beryllium seen apologizing for a missed third-strike call with a “my bad” gesture.

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