Mexican model's candidacy sparks controversy

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  • Giselle Arellano wanted to tally for a station arsenic a lawmaker for Mexico's National Action Party
  • Candidacy came nether occurrence earlier this period aft immoderate accused her of moving arsenic an escort
  • She says she worked arsenic a model, but ne'er arsenic an escort
  • Arellano says she is "not ashamed" of a video showing her scantily clad

(CNN)In 1 picture, the governmental campaigner wears a agleam bluish concern suit, lasting with her arms crossed beside her run pledge to bring "hope for your family." In another, she wears achromatic lace underwear and angel wings.

Both images amusement Giselle Arellano, who was moving for a spot connected the ballot arsenic a blimpish National Action Party campaigner representing migrants successful the section legislature of Mexico's Zacatecas state.

    The 33-year-old's candidacy came nether occurrence earlier this period aft immoderate accused her of moving arsenic an escort successful Las Vegas.

      Arellano mislaid a enactment superior this week, but Tuesday she said that she's readying to contention the results.

      She denies that she ever worked arsenic an escort and says the risque images of her, which sparked statement erstwhile they started circulating online and successful section media reports earlier this month, came from a modeling shoot.

      Arellano accused governmental opponents of attacking her and each women successful Zacatecas.

        "Those who person orchestrated this run volition not beryllium successful, due to the fact that these angel wings that are seen successful the video, are those that person allowed galore women to alert done these kinds of storms and the macho desires of those who support seeing women arsenic objects," she wrote connected her website.

        She said the wide circulated video, which shows her scantily clad and posing with respective different women, was promoting a enactment successful Las Vegas that she did not attend.

        "I americium not ashamed of it. ... I privation to marque it precise clear, that I bash not ain nor person I ever worked successful a brothel, nor person I been an escort," she wrote.

        But the video drew the attraction of leaders from the National Action Party, who disavowed her candidacy past week, saying she did not person "an honorable means of living," Mexico's state-run Notimex quality bureau reported.

          In campaign videos, Arellano says she competed successful quality pageants, studied marketing, speaks 5 languages, worked arsenic a translator successful migrant courts successful Los Angeles and started 2 businesses successful Las Vegas.

          "I person lived successful soma and humor the symptom of migration, and I cognize the needs that travel up erstwhile you are successful a overseas country. I person besides suffered discrimination. I cognize the large effort of migrants to execute their goals," she says. "There has been overmuch speculation astir my quality connected societal networks and successful immoderate media, astir my past. Today, I americium present facing it, due to the fact that I americium ashamed of nothing. I person a calm conscience and I americium bully with God."

          CNN's Ariel Crespo contributed to this report.

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