Mexico's National Guard kills Cuban migrant, wounds four others as caravan advances

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MEXICO CITY, Nov 2 (Reuters) - A Cuban migrant was changeable dormant by the Mexican National Guard and 4 others were wounded aft the conveyance they were successful did not halt erstwhile ordered to bash so, Mexican authorities said connected Tuesday.

The shooting occurred aboriginal connected Sunday successful the confederate authorities of Chiapas, successful an country wherever a caravan of migrants was heading towards the U.S. border. About 3,000 radical acceptable disconnected connected ft past period from the metropolis of Tapachula connected the Guatemalan border. Many person rejected visas offered by Mexico, saying they distrust the authorities.

Mexico's Human Rights Commission (CNDH) said it had opened an probe into the shooting, which it said seemingly took spot erstwhile a conveyance ferrying migrants did not adhere to National Guard troops' requests to stop.

"Elements of the National Guard attacked a radical of foreigners with firearms, causing the decease of a idiosyncratic of Cuban root and injuring 4 much foreigners," CNDH said successful a connection precocious connected Monday.

The National Guard confirmed successful a connection that a idiosyncratic had been killed and 4 injured successful the shooting. It said the pick-up motortruck connected a ungraded roadworthy failed to halt contempt audio and ocular signals requesting the operator to truthful do.

"Contrary to the instructions, the operator tried to ram elements of the National Guard," the National Guard said successful a statement, adding that the operator of the motortruck has been detained.

The National Guard said the incidental occurred aft 3 cars earlier evaded a information checkpoint, triggering a search.

Basing their probe connected a ailment filed by non-governmental enactment Pueblos Unidos Migrantes, CNDH said the incidental occurred successful the municipality of Pijijiapan during the transit of radical arsenic portion of the migrant caravan successful Chiapas.

The caravan, made up mostly of Central American and Caribbean migrants, has been making precise dilatory advancement amid highly blistery weather. Many members successful the caravan person besides fallen ill.

Mexico's La Jornada paper said connected Tuesday that the bulk of the caravan was present approaching Pijijiapan, astir 1,000 km (620 miles) by roadworthy from the superior Mexico City.

Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz and Daina Beth Solomon; Writing by Drazen Jorgic Editing by Rosalba O'Brien

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