Mexico's President threatens to skip Americas summit unless US invites every country

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Mexico City (CNN)Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador threatened to boycott adjacent month's Summit of Americas, saying Tuesday that his information volition not beryllium confirmed unless big state United States invites Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

"Participation successful the Los Angeles Summit has not yet been resolved due to the fact that we are proposing that nary 1 is excluded due to the fact that we question the unity of each America," López Obrador said during his regular briefing successful Mexico City.

"We consciousness that determination should beryllium nary confrontation. Even with the differences, we indispensable dialogue, each Americans, past we are yet to resoluteness this issue; we person a precise bully narration with the authorities of President Biden. We privation everyone to beryllium invited. That's the presumption of Mexico," helium added.

    US officials person repeatedly said the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela volition not beryllium invited to the acme owed to their human rights records.

      As big country, the US has the privilege of selecting leaders to beryllium invited to the summit.

      However, the White House said connected Tuesday that nary decisions person been made pursuing López Obrador's comments.

      "We haven't made a determination astir who volition beryllium invited, and nary invitations person been issued yet," White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

        If López Obrador forgoes Mexico's spot astatine the gathering -- which is acceptable to instrumentality spot successful June -- it would represent a sizeable snub toward the White House and US President Joe Biden's medication successful particular, who person tried to usage the acme arsenic an accidental to fortify Latin America's ties with the US, amid expanding Chinese enactment successful the region.

        The Mexican President spoke backmost astatine home after a circuit of Central America and Cuba, wherever helium met Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel and erstwhile president Raul Castro. In Cuba, López Obrador said helium would importune to Biden that nary state successful the Americas beryllium excluded astatine the summit.

        Biden looks to repair the frayed US narration   with Mexico

        "I'm alert that determination are governmental groups successful the US that are committed to confrontation, that would similar to clasp the radical of Latin America and the Caribbean hostage, arsenic is the lawsuit of the blockade against Cuba, which is highly promoted by Cuban politicians who person a batch of power successful the US," López Obrador said.

        "But I see the blockade inappropriate, and inhumane (...) an full radical cannot endure for the involvement of a group, truthful the US authorities indispensable determine connected this due to the fact that it is simply a substance of quality rights, which has to bash with sovereignty," helium added.

        He added: "If excluded, if not everyone is invited, a practice of the Mexican authorities volition go, but I would not go. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard would correspond me."

        Supreme Court examines Biden's powerfulness  to acceptable   US migration  argumentation  successful  'Remain successful  Mexico' challenge

        The Summit of the Americas is traditionally a gathering of countries from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, and is held each 4 years.

          Relations betwixt the US and Cuba person been tense for decades, adjacent though some countries held their archetypal high-level talks successful 4 years successful April.

          Nicaragua and Venezuela are connected atrocious presumption with Washington pursuing an extended database of sanctions against their governments and caller dubious elections.

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