Michelle Wu is Elected Mayor of Boston

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Ellen Barry

Nov. 2, 2021, 10:59 p.m. ET

Nov. 2, 2021, 10:59 p.m. ET

As a Boston metropolis  councilor, Michelle Wu often   attended meetings with her babies, a show   that announced alteration  for a assemblage  that, done  its history, had been dominated by achromatic  men.
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BOSTON — Michelle Wu, who entered nationalist work retired of vexation with the obstacles that her migrant household faced, volition beryllium the adjacent politician of Boston, pledging to marque the metropolis a proving crushed for progressive policy.

Buoyed by enactment from the city’s young, left-leaning voters and by Black, Asian and Latino residents, Ms. Wu, 36, soundly defeated City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George.

Ms. Essaibi George, who ran arsenic a pragmatic centrist successful the benignant of erstwhile Mayor Martin J. Walsh, had the backing of the city’s accepted powerfulness centers, similar its police, its commercialized unions and its working-class Irish American neighborhoods.

“From each country of our city, Boston has spoken,” Ms. Wu said, to a jubilant assemblage successful the city’s South End. “We are acceptable to conscionable the moment. We are acceptable to beryllium a Boston for everyone.”

Conceding the race, Ms. Essaibi George said, “I privation to connection a large large congratulations to Michelle Wu.”

“She is the archetypal woman, archetypal idiosyncratic of color, and arsenic an Asian American, the archetypal elected to beryllium politician of Boston,” she said. “I cognize this is nary tiny feat.”

Ms. Wu — who grew up extracurricular Chicago and moved to the Boston country to be Harvard — was an antithetic campaigner for this city, and her triumph sets a fig of precedents. Upon taking bureau aboriginal this month, she volition beryllium the lone Asian American politician successful a ample U.S. metropolis extracurricular California and Texas.

Ms. Wu is the archetypal pistillate and the archetypal idiosyncratic of colour to beryllium elected politician successful Boston, which has been led by an unbroken drawstring of Irish American oregon Italian American men since the 1930s. Kim Janey, a Black woman, has served arsenic acting politician since March, erstwhile Mr. Walsh was confirmed arsenic the U.S. labour secretary. Ms. Wu volition besides beryllium the archetypal politician of Boston not calved successful the city since 1925.

Malaysia Fuller-Staten, 24, an organizer from Roxbury, was ebullient arsenic returns came in, saying the standard of Ms. Wu’s triumph would shatter the representation of Boston arsenic blimpish and insular.

“Boston is truthful overmuch an aged boys’ club,” she said. “For her to triumph by that margin, it would beryllium saying to everyone, Boston is not a center-right city. It would beryllium saying, we are a metropolis looking to change.”

Born soon aft her parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan, Ms. Wu spent her puerility interpreting for them arsenic they tried to negociate bureaucracy successful the United States. She was deeply shaken successful her 20s, erstwhile her parent had a intelligence wellness crisis, forcing her to measurement distant from her vocation to attraction for the family.

Emerging from that experience, she plunged into a vocation successful nationalist service.

She developed a adjacent narration with Elizabeth Warren, 1 of her professors astatine Harvard Law School, who became the state’s progressive standard-bearer and helped motorboat her successful politics.

As a Boston metropolis councilor, Ms. Wu often attended meetings with her babies, a show that announced alteration for a assemblage that, passim its history, had been dominated by achromatic men.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, a longtime person and supporter, described Ms. Wu’s triumph arsenic the culmination of years of disciplined enactment connected the nitty-gritty of governing.

“It’s not ever flashy, it’s not ever thing that gets a headline,” helium said. “She doesn’t travel disconnected arsenic this immense beingness erstwhile she walks into a country necessarily. But implicit clip she chips distant astatine the issues you attraction about. You commencement realizing however dedicated she is to the trade and to the work.”

Boston has been booming, arsenic jobs successful technology, medicine and acquisition pull waves of young professionals. But that occurrence has travel astatine a cost, forcing working-class and middle-class families to permission the metropolis successful hunt of affordable housing.

Ms. Wu has promised to propulsion backmost against gentrification, with policies tailored to assistance lower-income residents enactment successful the city, specified arsenic waiving fees for nationalist transport, imposing a signifier of rent control, and reapportioning metropolis contracts to firms owned by Black Bostonians.

It volition not beryllium casual for her to deliver. Rent control, for example, has been amerciable successful Massachusetts since 1994, truthful restoring it would necessitate the transition of statewide legislation. The most caller effort to rotation backmost the ban connected rent power was rejected resoundingly by legislators past year, by a ballot of 23 to 136.

Her plans to restructure the city’s readying bureau person disquieted galore successful the existent property and gathering sectors, which thrived portion Mr. Walsh was mayor. And Ms. Wu volition person to instrumentality power of a sprawling authorities apparatus whose almighty constituencies tin dilatory oregon artifact a caller mayor’s agenda.

Wilnelia Rivera, a governmental advisor who supported Ms. Wu, said she would look pushback.

“The world astir powerfulness is that it ne'er wants to springiness up any, and we’ll spot what that looks similar erstwhile we transverse that bridge,” she said. “She is going to person to recreate that powerfulness coalition. It would beryllium bully to person a politician who isn’t needfully successful the backmost pouch of each the powerfulness players successful the city.”

Ms. Wu comes successful with precocious expectations for change, and volition look unit to determination swiftly. One of the city’s astir fashionable progressive figures, District Attorney Rachael Rollins of Suffolk County, warned that she ran the hazard of disappointing galore who person backed her.

“What I won’t bash is let our assemblage to beryllium sold a measure of goods and past erstwhile idiosyncratic gets into the office, thing happens,” she said.

Ms. Wu has responded repeatedly to specified concerns passim her campaign.

“The past and bequest of Boston arsenic a metropolis is 1 of putting guardant bold imaginativeness to reshape what’s imaginable and past warring for what our residents need,” she said, listing challenges she took connected arsenic a metropolis councilor, similar introducing a aviator programme for fare-free nationalist transport.

“Time and again, erstwhile radical said it would beryllium impossible,” she said, “we got it done.”

As they near polling places connected Tuesday, respective voters described the contention arsenic a turning constituent for Boston, which has elected a agelong enactment of men from the white, working-class, pro-union helping of the Democratic Party.

“Change successful this metropolis has taken a agelong clip to come,” said Andrew Conant, 28, a filmmaker. “This is simply a precise arrogant infinitesimal for my city.”

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