Michelle Wu Makes History As First Woman And Person Of Color Elected Boston Mayor

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City Councilor Michelle Wu easy won the Boston mayor’s contention connected Tuesday night, making her the archetypal pistillate and idiosyncratic of colour to triumph a mayoral predetermination successful the metropolis and putting a progressive dependable successful complaint of the largest metropolis successful New England.

Wu volition beryllium the city’s archetypal Asian-American to service arsenic the city’s mayor. She’ll regenerate Kim Janey, the archetypal pistillate and Black idiosyncratic to service arsenic mayor, who took implicit the occupation earlier this twelvemonth aft Marty Walsh resigned to go Labor Secretary successful President Joe Biden’s cabinet.

Wu easy defeated chap City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George, the much mean campaigner successful the contest, successful the last circular of voting.

While Boston has agelong served arsenic an incubator of wide politicians connected the nationalist level, its section authorities has traditionally been much insular and transactional, a governmental paradise for back-slapping men astatine the heads of governmental machines. Wu, a argumentation wonk who was a Harvard Law pupil and governmental protege of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), is pushing to crook the metropolis into a bastion of progressive policy.

While progressives person made cardinal gains successful the U.S. House, successful authorities legislatures and successful territory attorneys’ offices astir the state successful caller years, they person won fewer races for enforcement positions. Wu’s tenure could service arsenic a argumentation blueprint and a governmental trial for different left-wing candidates.

Wu has argued for waiving fees for overmuch of the city’s nationalist proscription system; re-imposing rent control; and a city-sized mentation of the Green New Deal, including aiming for nett zero muncipal emissions by 2024.

And portion Essaibi George argued the metropolis needed to prosecute much constabulary officers, Wu has alternatively argued for civilian responses to immoderate exigency calls successful situation situations.

“We request to person a structural and taste alteration to however we deliberation astir nationalist information — and peculiarly the constabulary section successful Boston — truthful that we’re gathering residents wherever they’re astatine and gathering trust,” Wu said successful an interrogation with the city’s nationalist vigor station.

Compared to mayoral contests successful New York City and elsewhere, transgression was not a cardinal contented successful the Boston race, successful ample portion due to the fact that the metropolis did not spot a transgression spike during the coronavirus pandemic.

The large contented successful the contention was alternatively lodging affordability. There, Wu stood alone among an initially crowded tract successful calling for a revival of rent power successful the city. Wu would request to person the authorities legislature to region a statewide prohibition connected rent power laws successful bid to instrumentality it. She’s besides called for expanding the proviso of affordable lodging and overhauling the city’s notoriously analyzable zoning and improvement process.

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