Michigan Republican Who Made 'Lie Back' Rape Comment Loses To Democrat

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Robert Regan, the Michigan Republican who said rape victims should “lie backmost and bask it,” mislaid his bid for the authorities House to Democratic hostile Carol Glanville successful a peculiar predetermination connected Tuesday.

The territory Regan sought to represent, a blimpish country northbound of Grand Rapids whose residents are chiefly white, has lone ever been held by Republicans, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Glanville received astir 52% of the vote, trumping Regan’s 40%, according to local news reports citing unofficial results from the Kent County Clerk’s office.

“West Michigan values of integrity, decency, and attraction for the communal bully won tonight,” Glanville said successful a Facebook post thanking voters for sending her to the authorities House.

Regan sparked outrage backmost successful March with the proposal helium said helium shares with his 3 daughters, if they are ever attacked.

“Having 3 daughters, I archer my daughters, ‘Well, if rape is inevitable, you should conscionable prevarication backmost and bask it,’” Regan said during a Facebook Live broadcast.

An attendee, Amber Harris, responded: “That was a shameful comment.”

One of Regan’s daughters, Stephanie, urged Michiganders not to ballot for her begetter successful 2020, erstwhile helium was moving to correspond different territory successful the authorities House.

“If you’re successful michigan and 18+ pls for the emotion of deity bash not ballot for my dada for authorities rep. archer everyone,” she wrote successful a tweet.

It went viral, and Regan mislaid that election, too.

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