Mike Duggan Wins a Third Term as Detroit’s Mayor

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Elections|Mike Duggan wins a 3rd word arsenic Detroit’s mayor.


Mitch Smith

Nov. 2, 2021, 9:45 p.m. ET

Nov. 2, 2021, 9:45 p.m. ET

Mayor Mike Duggan successful  his bureau   successful  the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.
Credit...Nick Hagen for The New York Times

Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit was elected to a 3rd word connected Tuesday, The Associated Press projected, arsenic voters signaled assurance successful the absorption of a metropolis that has suffered from decades of disinvestment and colonisation loss.

Mr. Duggan, a Democrat who was elected 8 years agone arsenic the metropolis was successful the throes of municipal bankruptcy, has presided implicit a resurgence of Detroit’s commercialized halfway and a restoration of basal metropolis services similar streetlights. New factories are opening, the Detroit Pistons hoops squad moved backmost from the suburbs, and young assemblage graduates person moved into downtown and Midtown, on with businesses catering to them.

“Eight years ago, the problems Detroit was facing were conscionable Detroit — nary different metropolis was talking astir bankruptcy oregon streetlights,” Mr. Duggan said earlier this year. “Today, the challenges that we’re dealing with, each different metropolis has.”

But by Mr. Duggan’s ain assessment, Detroit remains a enactment successful progress. Violent transgression is simply a persistent concern. Blighted and abandoned homes are a communal sight, contempt efforts to bulldoze oregon reconstruct galore buildings implicit the past decades. And immoderate longtime residents, particularly Black residents who stayed successful Detroit done years of achromatic formation to the suburbs, accidental they are acrophobic astir gentrification arsenic the achromatic colonisation grows and rents spell up.

Mr. Duggan, the archetypal achromatic politician successful decades of a metropolis wherever astir 80 percent of residents are Black, has besides truthful acold failed to present connected his committedness to extremity much than fractional a period of colonisation decline. Data from the 2020 census showed the colonisation had fallen much than 10 percent since 2010, to astir 639,000 residents. The white, Asian and Hispanic populations accrued successful that period, but determination were tens of thousands less Black Detroiters successful the city. The politician has disputed that data and pledged to situation the census figures.

Mr. Duggan’s opponent, Anthony Adams, a lawyer and chap Democrat, focused his run connected transgression reduction, constabulary betterment and keeping longtime residents successful the city. But helium struggled to summation traction arsenic section and nationalist figures successful the Democratic Party, including President Biden, gave their enactment to Mr. Duggan.

“We’re starting to suffer our Black colonisation successful the city, and we’re losing it due to the fact that the policies of this medication are harmful to the radical who person been present done heavy and thin,” Mr. Adams said successful an interrogation this summer.

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