Militants kill at least 31 in central Mali, say local authorities

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(Reuters)Militants killed astatine slightest 31 radical successful cardinal Mali connected Friday erstwhile they fired connected a autobus ferrying radical to a section market, section authorities said -- the latest deadly onslaught successful a region racked by convulsive insurgency.

The autobus was attacked by unidentified gunmen arsenic it traveled its twice-weekly way from the colony of Songho to a marketplace successful Bandiagara, 10 kilometres (6 miles) away, said Moulaye Guindo, politician of the adjacent municipality of Bankass.

"Armed men ... changeable astatine the vehicle, slashed the tires, and changeable astatine the people," Guindo said.

    He and different section official, who spoke connected information of anonymity, said astatine slightest 31 were confirmed dormant with galore much wounded oregon missing.

      The villages beryllium successful the bosom of the Mopti region, an epicenter of unit successful Mali fueled by insurgents linked to al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

      An interior information memo, shared by a source, said archetypal responders to the country of the latest onslaught discovered 25 burned bodies successful the truck.

        Images circulated connected societal media showed the smoldering framework of a rider autobus filled with bodies, inactive slumped implicit successful their seats. Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the images.

        Jihadist attacks person surged crossed Africa's Sahel region, sidesplitting thousands and displacing millions crossed Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

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