Military Grants Few Vaccine Exemptions as Deadlines Loom

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The bulk of active-duty troops person gotten a mandatory coronavirus vaccine up of deadline, with religious-based exemptions mostly dismissed.

About 87 percent of active-duty work  members person  been afloat   vaccinated.
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Jennifer Steinhauer

Nov. 2, 2021, 6:11 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — Two months aft the Pentagon began requiring each troops to get the coronavirus vaccine oregon look dismissal, the immense bulk person present had shots, successful portion due to the fact that nary received a spiritual exemption, subject officials said.

While vaccine exemptions are often broadly worded, requests based connected spiritual beliefs are coming nether adjacent scrutiny successful the subject and astatine the Department of Veterans Affairs, the first national bureau to enforce a mandate. They volition apt beryllium followed by the remainder of the national government, wherever astir workers are required to beryllium vaccinated by the extremity of this month. The Biden medication volition merchandise a national vaccine requirement for backstage companies with 100 oregon much employees “in coming days,” a typical for the Department of Labor said this week.

The wide national and backstage assemblage mandates airs a trial for the country, and the subject and Veterans Affairs are being intimately watched by companies and ineligible experts. Across the country, determination are astatine slightest 40 ineligible challenges to vaccine and investigating mandates issued by cities, hospitals, universities and different employers that person yet to determination forward, portion others person been knocked back.

A national appellate tribunal removed a impermanent injunction last week that had allowed wellness attraction workers successful New York to question spiritual exemptions to the state’s mandate.

The Defense Department has granted a smattering of exemptions, including to radical who were already leaving the subject oregon person aesculapian issues. However, immoderate of those exemptions, similar for radical who precocious had the coronavirus, whitethorn soon beryllium reversed. Officials declined to accidental however galore work members had requested an exemption but said the fig was not large.

“I don’t spot the courts interfering with the vaccines successful immoderate different discourse than perchance spiritual exemptions,” said Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, a instrumentality prof and adept connected vaccine mandates astatine the University of California, San Francisco. “But I don’t cognize if courts volition beryllium consenting to second-guess the military.”

The leaders of astir large spiritual organizations person recommended that their members get the vaccine. Officials accidental that nary 1 is actively discouraging radical successful the subject from seeking a spiritual exemption. But anyone seeking 1 from the Pentagon oregon Department of Veterans Affairs would beryllium required to person an established past of adherence to a religion that prohibits vaccines, among different things.

“If members of the subject privation to use for one, past they should beryllium capable to,” said John Kirby, a spokesperson for the Pentagon. “And they should beryllium capable to marque their case.”

About 97 percent of the country’s 1.3 cardinal active-duty work members person had astatine slightest 1 dose of the vaccine, and astir 87 percent person had some shots. The Air Force, which this week became the archetypal part to deed the deadline for its mandate for afloat vaccination, volition merchandise its latest vaccine information connected Wednesday. About 11,000 of its 326,855 active-duty unit are apt inactive unvaccinated and facing imaginable expulsion.


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At the Department of Veterans Affairs, wherever thousands of workers who interact with patients were expected to beryllium afloat vaccinated by Oct. 8, officials person taken a dim presumption of specified exemptions. Since the section issued a vaccine mandate for its 115,000 frontline wellness attraction workers this past summer, astir 88 percent of the 380,000 employees covered by the mandate person had astatine slightest 1 dose, falling abbreviated of officials’ hopes for astir afloat vaccination.

In hospitals oregon nursing homes with peculiarly susceptible populations, “I deliberation that determination volition beryllium a constituent determination wherever it is an undue load connected america to guarantee information successful the proviso of wellness care,” said Denis McDonough, the caput of the department, “at which constituent we’re going to person to contradict spiritual exceptions.”

Vaccine reluctance successful the subject and the Department of Veterans Affairs mirrors that of civilian society, wherever vaccine rates are mostly little without specified mandates. Some radical person embraced vaccine conspiracy theories oregon person been fearful of imaginable broadside effects, oregon bash not spot themselves astatine hazard for the virus.

What to Know About Covid-19 Booster Shots

The F.D.A. has authorized booster shots for millions of recipients of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna recipients who are eligible for a booster see radical 65 and older, and younger adults astatine precocious hazard of terrible Covid-19 due to the fact that of aesculapian conditions oregon wherever they work. Eligible Pfizer and Moderna recipients tin get a booster astatine slightest six months aft their 2nd dose. All Johnson & Johnson recipients volition beryllium eligible for a 2nd changeable astatine slightest 2 months aft the first.

Yes. The F.D.A. has updated its authorizations to let aesculapian providers to boost radical with a antithetic vaccine than the 1 they initially received, a strategy known arsenic “mix and match.” Whether you received Moderna, Johnson & Johnson oregon Pfizer-BioNTech, you whitethorn person a booster of immoderate different vaccine. Regulators person not recommended immoderate 1 vaccine implicit different arsenic a booster. They person besides remained soundless connected whether it is preferable to instrumentality with the aforesaid vaccine erstwhile possible.

The C.D.C. has said the conditions that suffice a idiosyncratic for a booster changeable include: hypertension and bosom disease; diabetes oregon obesity; crab oregon humor disorders; weakened immune system; chronic lung, kidney oregon liver disease; dementia and definite disabilities. Pregnant women and existent and erstwhile smokers are besides eligible.

The F.D.A. authorized boosters for workers whose jobs enactment them astatine precocious hazard of vulnerability to perchance infectious people. The C.D.C. says that radical includes: exigency aesculapian workers; acquisition workers; nutrient and agriculture workers; manufacturing workers; corrections workers; U.S. Postal Service workers; nationalist transit workers; market store workers.

Yes. The C.D.C. says the Covid vaccine whitethorn beryllium administered without respect to the timing of different vaccines, and galore pharmacy sites are allowing radical to docket a flu changeable astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic a booster dose.

Over the summer, arsenic the Delta variant surged, subject officials became alarmed astatine the increasing fig of deaths; implicit the fall, much progressive work members died from the microorganism than successful each of 2020, nary of them vaccinated. In total, 71 active-duty work members person died. The Navy has led the complaint with vaccinations, and astir 99 percent successful the work person had astatine slightest 1 changeable up of the deadline to beryllium afloat vaccinated by the extremity of the month. Sailors were made acutely alert of the dangers of the microorganism aboriginal successful the pandemic erstwhile an outbreak occurred connected an craft bearer deployed to the Pacific Ocean. The captain, who pleaded with the Pentagon for help, was aboriginal fired.

There is simply a “common knowing that we often enactment successful congregate settings specified arsenic shipboard environments and it is understood that successful these settings, infectious diseases tin dispersed precise rapidly,” said Capt. Robert Hawkins, who leads the Navy Medicine’s Commander’s Action Group. “Immunizations person played a ample relation successful readiness to behaviour our ngo for a agelong time, truthful we person had an knowing of their relation successful protecting our wellness and mission.”

In the Marines and the Army, astir 93 percent of each troops person been astatine slightest partially vaccinated. Each work subdivision acceptable its ain deadlines and analyzable disciplinary procedures for those who diminution shots, including extended counseling sessions with clergy and commanders.

Still, lone a doc tin springiness a aesculapian exemption. “It’s a lawful order,” Mr. Kirby said of the vaccine mandate, and commanders person the close to “ultimately bash what they request to bash for the readiness of their unit, and if that comes to doing thing of a punitive nature, they surely person that close and that authority.”

On a subject subgroup connected the societal quality and connection committee tract Reddit, radical swapped proposal connected however to speech to those who were resisting a vaccine, from offering technological grounds to refuting claims that vaccines stem from aborted fetal cells to noting that troops instrumentality acold much unsafe risks successful combat. Stressing wellness and information and readiness is ever amended than threatening expulsion, commanders say.

The backstage assemblage is intelligibly watching. Many companies, including United Airlines, Procter & Gamble, 3M and IBM, already person mandates, and respective person indicated they volition let for “limited” aesculapian oregon spiritual exceptions. Almost a twelve states person joined a suit to forestall national mandates from going forward.

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