Military Hospital in Afghan Capital Targeted in Attack, Taliban Say

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No radical has claimed work for the violence, but the Islamic State has struck much often since the autumn of the U.S.-backed authorities successful August.

Escaping the country   of an onslaught  targeting a subject   infirmary  successful  Kabul, Afghanistan, connected  Tuesday.
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Nov. 2, 2021, 7:44 a.m. ET

A subject infirmary successful the Afghan capital, Kabul, came nether onslaught connected Tuesday, according to Taliban officials, with gunfire and explosions echoing passim the city.

The onslaught targeted the 400-bed Sardar Daud Khan infirmary successful 1 of Kabul’s much affluent neighborhoods, wherever some wounded soldiers who fought for the erstwhile authorities and Taliban fighters were being treated. It was not instantly known who was down the blast oregon however galore casualties mightiness person resulted from it.

Another Kabul infirmary reported connected societal media that it had received astatine slightest 9 wounded from the onslaught but the casualty numbers were expected to rise.

A doc who was hiding wrong the infirmary that was attacked said helium could inactive perceive gunfire wrong the gathering aboriginal Tuesday afternoon.

Though nary radical instantly claimed work for the attack, the Islamic State has accrued unit crossed Afghanistan since the autumn of the Western-backed authorities successful August and the Taliban takeover of the country. The violent radical has taken vantage of the Taliban’s trouble successful securing municipality centers.

Qari Sayeed Khosti, a spokesperson for the interior ministry, confirmed connected societal media that determination was astatine slightest 1 detonation astatine the infirmary and said Taliban forces were responding to the attack.

Islamic State termination bombings successful Kabul, the bluish city of Kunduz and in Afghanistan’s 2nd largest city, Kandahar, person killed astatine slightest 90 radical and wounded hundreds implicit the past respective weeks.

In August, an Islamic State termination bomber killed astir 200 civilians and 13 U.S. work members at the gates of Kabul’s planetary airport.

The Sardar Daud Khan infirmary has been attacked aggregate times successful past years, some by the Islamic State and the Taliban.

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