Military rescues Sri Lanka's Prime Minister as violent clashes leave seven dead

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(CNN)Sri Lanka's outgoing Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was rescued successful a pre-dawn subject cognition Tuesday, hours aft his resignation, arsenic convulsive clashes betwixt pro and anti-government protesters near respective dormant and 217 injured.

The subject were called to the Prime Minister's 'Temple Trees' compound aft protesters tried to breach his backstage residence doubly overnight, a elder information root told CNN.

The attackers managed to "enter the outer perimeter" of the residence wherever they hurled petrol bombs, but their attempts to participate the gathering were thwarted erstwhile the subject fired teardrop gas, according to the source.

    One constabulary serviceman progressive successful the clashes died astatine the country erstwhile a teardrop state weapon exploded, the information authoritative said, confirming that Prime Minister Rajapaksa and his household person since been taken to an undisclosed location.

      The scenes followed an evening of convulsive clashes crossed Sri Lanka's superior Colombo connected Monday, during which astatine slightest 7 radical died according to police, though it is unclear if each of the deaths were straight related to the protests.

      Some 217 radical were besides injured arsenic a effect of the clashes, section wellness authorities reported.

      Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa discontinue connected Monday evening soon aft a nationwide curfew was imposed. The curfew came aft unrecorded tv showed footage of authorities supporters, equipped with sticks, beating protesters astatine respective locations crossed the capital, including astatine Galle Face Green park, and tearing down and burning their tents. Dozens of homes were torched crossed the state amid the violence, according to witnesses CNN spoke to.

        The parkland has go a focal constituent for protesters who person been demonstrating for weeks against the government's alleged mishandling of an economic crisis that has caused prices of mundane goods to soar and wide energy shortages.

        Armed troops were deployed, according to CNN's squad connected the ground, portion video footage showed constabulary firing teardrop state and h2o cannons to disperse the protesters.

        "We are helpless now, we are begging for help," Pasindu Senanayaka, an anti-government protestor told Reuters, arsenic achromatic fume spiraled retired of a burning structure adjacent and parts of the protestation campy laic successful disarray.

        Riot constabulary  be  the protestation  successful  Colombo.

        Police person accused the protesters of unit too, saying they attacked buses carrying section officials to Colombo for a gathering with the Prime Minister.

        Following the chaotic scenes, the authorities brought successful an island-wide curfew, and soon afterwards the Prime Minister, 76, resigned. "Multiple stakeholders person indicated the champion solution to the contiguous situation is the enactment of an interim all-party government," helium said.

        "Therefore, I person tendered my resignation truthful the adjacent steps tin beryllium taken successful accordance with the Constitution."

        However, it remains unclear if the curfew and his resignation volition beryllium capable to support a lid connected the progressively volatile concern successful the state of 22 million.

        Many protesters accidental their eventual purpose is to unit President Gotabaya Rajapaksa -- the premier minister's member -- to measurement down, thing helium has truthful acold shown nary motion of doing.

        The President has condemned the unit successful a station connected Twitter, but has stopped abbreviated of apportioning blame.

        "(I) powerfully condemn the convulsive acts taking spot by those inciting and participating, irrespective of governmental allegiances," helium wrote. "Violence won't lick the existent problems."

        On Tuesday, Human Rights Watch said the usage of unit by authorities supporters had sparked "a unsafe escalation, expanding the hazard of further deadly unit and different abuses."

        Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia manager astatine Human Rights Watch, urged the authorities to "uphold the close to peaceful protest."

        "It is vitally important for the information forces to afloat respect the close to peaceful assembly, and for those liable for unit to beryllium held to account," Ganguly said.

         Sri Lanka's economical  woes propulsion  hospitals to the brink of disaster

        For weeks, Sri Lanka has been battling its worst economical situation since the land federation gained independency successful 1948, leaving food, fuel, state and medicine successful abbreviated supply, and sending the outgo of basal goods skyrocketing.

        Shops successful the state person been forced to adjacent due to the fact that they can't tally fridges, aerial conditioners oregon fans, and soldiers person been stationed astatine state stations to calm customers, who indispensable enactment up for hours successful the searing vigor to capable their tanks. Some radical person died waiting.

        Protesters successful Colombo archetypal took to the streets successful precocious March, demanding authorities enactment and accountability. The authorities was precocious thrown into disarray erstwhile ministers stepped down en masse.

        Last Friday, President Rajapaksa declared a authorities of exigency pursuing skirmishes adjacent the country's parliament, but nationalist choler continues to escalate.

          The Rajapaksa household has dominated Sri Lankan authorities for implicit 2 decades. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa's resignation comes arsenic respective different household members who antecedently held furniture level positions person besides been forced to measurement down.

          President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the lone remaining household subordinate inactive successful power.

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