Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven Gets Unsettling Shock In 'Stranger Things' Teaser

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“Stranger Things” prima Millie Bobby Brown connected Friday teased a cardinal taxable of the upcoming 4th play of the deed Netflix show.

It “really digs deep” into the root communicative of her quality Eleven, Brown revealed to “The Tonight Show” big Jimmy Fallon.

“Definitely tons of answers. Lots of crying. Lots of laughing,” she added.

Brown besides shared a abbreviated clip successful which Eleven is being taunted by precocious schoolhouse students and is stunned to find her powers don’t enactment erstwhile it comes to seeking revenge.

Watch from the 6:40 people here:

The archetypal fractional of the 4th play hits the streaming level connected May 27. The 2nd fractional debuts connected July 1. The amusement volition extremity aft the 5th season.

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