'Miracle baby' giraffe born at Columbus Zoo

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(CNN)The Columbus Zoo has welcomed a long-legged, endangered caller addition: a baby Masai giraffe.

The unnamed newborn was calved to 12-year-old parent Zuri connected August 31, according to a quality merchandise from the zoo.

"Not lone is the calf fiercely cute, but his commencement is particularly important arsenic it marks an important accomplishment for the aboriginal of this endangered species," said the zoo.

After a fewer failed attempts, the babe lad was capable to basal up, instrumentality a fewer steps, and caregiver soon aft birth, says the zoo.

The time aft his birth, zoo unit conducted a wellness exam and confirmed the calf is healthy.

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Masai giraffes are listed arsenic endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. There are astir 35,000 of the subspecies near successful Tanzania and Kenya, but their colonisation is connected the diminution owed to amerciable hunting and the demolition of their habitat, says the organization.

The baby's parents, Zuri and Enzi, were paired done the Species Survival Plan, a programme coordinated by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums to guarantee endangered taxon support familial diversity. The calf's begetter was euthanized successful 2021 owed to chronic wellness issues, says the zoo.

The newborn has been a longtime coming: Giraffes gestate for 15 months, says the zoo.

The "miracle baby" is the 23rd giraffe calved astatine the Columbus Zoo, said the statement.

"We were heartbroken to suffer Enzi, and this calf is specified an astonishing acquisition to america and to the aboriginal of each Masai giraffes," Shannon Borders, curator of the Columbus Zoo's Heart of Africa region, said successful the zoo's statement. "This small 1 is genuinely our occurrence baby, and it warms our hearts that Enzi's bequest continues to unrecorded connected to person specified a affirmative impact."

The calf's commencement is conscionable 1 portion of the zoo's efforts to amended the Masai giraffe population, said the statement.

"From our palmy giraffe breeding program, contributions to tract conservation projects, and enactment successful Animal Health initiatives benefiting giraffes, we are afloat committed to making a quality for Masai giraffes and different taxon that trust connected their spot successful nature," said Columbus Zoo President and CEO Tom Schmid successful the statement.

Guests won't beryllium capable to spot the parent and babe conscionable yet, but the remainder of the giraffe herd are inactive connected display, the zoo added.

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