Missing Murder Suspect And Jail Official Had 'Special Relationship,' Sheriff Says

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An accused murderer and a corrections authoritative who disappeared unneurotic past week successful Alabama had a “special relationship,” according to the sheriff’s bureau that employed the official.

Authorities are searching for Casey Cole White, who was awaiting proceedings connected a execution charge, and Vicky White, Lauderdale County adjunct manager of corrections. They were past seen connected Friday. The 2 are not related.

“Investigators received accusation from inmates astatine the Lauderdale County Detention Center implicit the play that determination was a peculiar narration betwixt Director White and inmate Casey White,” the sheriff’s bureau said successful a statement to The Associated Press. “That narration has present been confirmed done our probe by autarkic sources and means.”

Friday was to person been Vicky White’s past time connected the occupation earlier her retirement. She had told colleagues she was taking Casey White to the courthouse for a intelligence wellness valuation ― but nary valuation was really scheduled.

Vicky White besides was transporting Casey White alone, a usurpation of section argumentation that requires astatine slightest 2 deputies to assistance successful transport, according to CBS News.

Casey White faces superior execution charges successful the 2015 sidesplitting of Connie Ridgeway. Police said helium confessed to sidesplitting her, claiming helium was paid to bash so. He was charged portion already serving a agelong situation word for erstwhile offenses that included robbery, burglary, carjacking and carnal cruelty for shooting a dog, AL.com reported.

A wanted poster for Casey Cole White circulated by the U.S. Marshals.
A wanted poster for Casey Cole White circulated by the U.S. Marshals.

U.S. Marshals Service via AP)

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s bureau released surveillance video that showed the duo leaving the jailhouse unneurotic connected Friday. The video, published by section quality presumption WAAY 31, shows Vicky White starring Casey White to a patrol car. That patrol car was aboriginal recovered bare successful Florence, Alabama — obscurity adjacent the courthouse wherever they said to person been headed.

Someone reported seeing the brace aboriginal connected Friday successful Rogersville ― astir 24 miles from Florence ― successful an orangish Ford Edge SUV that Vicky White had purchased the week before, according to WAAY 31.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said it was evident Vicky White had “participated” successful Casey White’s escape, though it’s not wide whether her engagement was voluntary.

“Now whether she did that willingly oregon if she was coerced, threatened someway to enactment successful the escape, not truly definite — but we cognize for definite that she did participate,” Singleton told reporters astatine a quality league Monday.

He added that Vicky White had been an “exemplary employee” during her 15 years with the section and that her colleagues were shocked.

“This is not the Vicky White we know, by immoderate agelong of the imagination,” the sheriff said.

Singleton called Casey White an “extremely dangerous” person. U.S. Marshal Marty Keely said astatine the aforesaid property league that officials are, for now, considering “both of them” to beryllium dangerous.

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