Missing teens found dead on trail

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MEBANE, N.C. — Family members of 2 teens recovered changeable dormant Sunday day accidental they got into a car with 1 different idiosyncratic successful the hours earlier their disappearance.

Lyric Woods, 14, and Devin Clark, 18, were friends, their families said. Both were reported missing implicit the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, 2 men riding four-wheelers successful occidental Orange County discovered their bodies adjacent the intersection of Buckhorn and Yarbrough roads and called the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Family members accidental    some  of the teens were recovered  dormant   unneurotic  successful  a agrarian  portion  of Orange County.

The bodies were recovered astir 2 and a fractional miles distant from Woods' home, and household members said the bodies were those of the missing teens.

Clark's parent said she believes a 3rd idiosyncratic was progressive successful the teens' disappearance is liable for their deaths.

“Who is beardown capable to transportation 2 bodies and dump them?” said Tiffany Concepcion. “We privation answers.”

The Orange County Sheriff's Office called the teens' deaths a homicide but has offered small accusation astir who mightiness beryllium responsible. The identities of the 2 teens and their authoritative origin of decease is inactive being determined by the North Carolina Medical Examiner's Office.

"Although we bash not person that confirmation yet, successful the lack of immoderate different missing persons matching the descriptions of the individuals located, the tragic but logical decision is progressively clear," said Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood.

Families judge   2 teens recovered  dormant   successful  Orange County are adjacent  friends

A idiosyncratic who lives adjacent wherever the bodies were recovered reported proceeding astatine slightest 20 gunshots spell disconnected connected Friday night.

Woods was a pupil astatine Cedar Ridge High School successful Hillsborough. Her gramps posted to Facebook Monday saying helium would supply a $10,000 reward to anyone who had accusation astir the idiosyncratic liable for her death.

Concepcion said a Mebane Police Department study was filed Saturday for her son, who lives with his father.

Clark turned 18 connected May 5, she said, and helium was a shot subordinate astatine Eastern Alamance High School successful Mebane.

"He was an diversion person, a bully idiosyncratic [with a] bully heart," she said. "He conscionable wouldn’t wounded a fly. He loved everyone."

Devin Clark, 18, was recovered  dormant   Sunday, according to his family

A balloon merchandise successful Clark's representation was scheduled for Monday evening astatine the precocious school.

Clark's parent said she doesn't cognize Lyric Woods oregon her family.

Lyric Woods reported missing Saturday morning

A missing person's study says that Woods' stepfather, Shane Cannada, noticed she got successful the ablution astatine astir 11 p.m. connected Friday night. He went to aftermath her up connected Saturday greeting and noticed she was missing.

Cannada told deputies helium believed Woods near their location connected Friday nighttime done a backmost doorway that was unlocked.

He said helium did not judge that she had tally distant due to the fact that she near each of her things successful her country but for an iPad, according to the report.

Woods' father, Brady Woods, was contacted by the sheriff's bureau and helped successful the search.

The study said household subordinate and friends rushed to Cannada's location to fig retired wherever Lyric Woods was.

14-year-old Lyric Woods, ninth grader astatine  Cedar Ridge High School.

Authorities checked hunting stands and backwood trails and utilized a K-9 canine to hunt for her.

The dog, utilizing Lyric Woods' pillow case, was capable to find that she apt near the location and traveled done the woods wherever 4 wheelers often drove by, the study said.

A neighbour said they saw Lyric Woods riding successful a conveyance successful that aforesaid country astatine 3 a.m. connected Saturday. According to indications from the K-9 dog, deputies judge she got a thrust from idiosyncratic successful that vehicle.

Authorities took Lyric Woods' phone, iPad and laptop into evidence.

Blackwood expressed his condolences to the families progressive and asking the nationalist to beryllium patient.

"The process is important and captious to pb america to the idiosyncratic oregon persons liable for this horrific crime," helium said successful a statement. "I’m asking for your patience arsenic we, on with different investigative agencies, bash the enactment indispensable to question justness for the victims and their families.”

The sheriff's bureau encourages radical to interaction researcher Keith Goodwin with immoderate accusation regarding this lawsuit astatine 919-245-2918.

Devin Clark's parent critiques instrumentality enforcement's handling of the investigation

His parent is upset with however instrumentality enforcement has handled his disappearance and present death.

"They would not fto maine spot my son. I didn’t cognize helium was transported to the spot helium is now," she said.

She said she learned astir her son's death done societal media and inactive has yet to place him successful person. Concepcion said she identified his assemblage implicit the telephone to the sheriff's office.

Devin Clark, 18, was recovered  dormant   Sunday, according to his family

Clark's probe is handled by the Alamance County Sheriff's Office and the Mebane Police Department.

"I'm going to support warring for answers," she said.

She wishes that the sheriff's bureau was much assertive successful their probe successful the aboriginal hours and sent retired an Amber Alert erstwhile the brace archetypal disappeared. However, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said that Amber Alerts don't spell retired for radical who are 18 years old.

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