Mississippi governor says his state isn't focused on banning certain birth control 'at this time'

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Washington (CNN)Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves connected Sunday hedged erstwhile asked if his authorities would see banning definite forms of commencement power if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, lone offering that it's "not what we are focused connected astatine this time."

"And portion I'm definite determination volition beryllium conversations astir America regarding [birth control] it's not thing that we've spent a batch of clip focused on," Reeves told CNN's Jake Tapper connected "State of the Union" erstwhile asked if his authorities would see targeting intrauterine devices and Plan B -- amid immoderate Republican calls to prohibition forms of commencement control. During an interrogation connected NBC's "Meet the Press" aboriginal Sunday, Reeves said helium didn't deliberation aboriginal Mississippi authorities would "apply to those that take to usage commencement control."

His comments travel against the backdrop of rising interest among termination rights activists aft Politico past week reported connected a draught Supreme Court bulk opinion that would onslaught down Roe v. Wade. The sentiment is not final, and it is imaginable the ballot number volition alteration earlier a ceremonial sentiment is aboriginal rolled out, apt by the extremity of June.

    Gillibrand says termination  rights supporters are successful  the 'biggest combat  of a generation'

    But already, lawmakers successful some reddish and bluish states are opening to gully caller conflict lines successful anticipation of a patchwork strategy wherever termination rights are nary longer protected nationwide.

      Mississippi is one of 13 states that has passed a alleged "trigger" instrumentality poised to spell into effect astir instantly if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The state's instrumentality says that wrong 10 days of the authorities lawyer wide confirming Roe has been overturned, abortions are prohibited successful the state. Limited exceptions are provided successful cases of rape oregon erstwhile the process would sphere the mother's life.

      Mississippi passed a separate 15-week termination prohibition successful 2018, which is the root of the lawsuit presently successful beforehand of the Supreme Court.

      At the national level, Senate Democrats program to bring to the level this week authorities to codify termination rights. The bill, known arsenic the Women's Health Protection Act, is not expected to walk since it would request astatine slightest 60 votes to flooded a GOP filibuster. In the evenly divided Senate, that would necessitate 10 Republican senators to ballot for the measure, adjacent if each Democrats voted successful favor.

        Celebrated by supporters of termination rights and agelong reviled by critics, Roe v. Wade was decided successful 1973 establishing a law close to termination earlier fetal viability, which astir experts accidental occurs present astatine astir 23-24 weeks of pregnancy.

          Overturning Roe would beryllium the culmination of a decades-long task of the blimpish ineligible moment.

          "Every 1 of america is lasting up, speaking out, rallying, marching, talking to our constituents, lifting up their voices and their stories," Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York told Tapper connected Sunday. "This is the biggest combat of a generation."

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