Mitch McConnell Says Federal Lawmakers Could Ban Abortion Across The Nation

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned successful an interrogation Saturday that a nationalist prohibition connected termination is “possible” if the Supreme Court guts Roe v. Wade as it’s expected to bash — and federal lawmakers past walk a instrumentality prohibiting abortion crossed the country.

That would mean large Americans would person to question retired of the U.S. to get an abortion.

McConnell discussed the aboriginal of termination rights successful the U.S. successful an interrogation with USA Today successful the aftermath of a leaked Supreme Court draught sentiment gutting Roe v. Wade along with a half-century of reproductive freedoms for women.

“If the leaked sentiment became the last opinion, legislative bodies — not lone astatine the authorities level, but astatine the national level — surely could legislate successful that area,” McConnell said.

He raised the anticipation of a nationalist prohibition erstwhile asked successful the interrogation if specified a happening was “worthy of debate.”

If the draught sentiment written by Justice Samuel Alito and published by Politico turns retired to beryllium the last decision, “that was the point,” McConnell said, “that it should beryllium resolved 1 mode oregon different successful the legislative process. So yeah, it’s possible,” helium added, referring to a nationalist prohibition connected abortion.

McConnell indicated it’s “clear” that Republicans reason abortion.

“With respect to the termination issue, I deliberation it’s beauteous wide wherever Senate Republicans stand,” McConnell told USA Today.

“And if and erstwhile the tribunal makes a last decision, I expect everybody volition beryllium much definitive,” helium added. “I don’t deliberation it’s overmuch concealed wherever Senate Republicans basal connected that issue.”

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