Modern Pentathlon opts to remove horse riding from competition after Tokyo 2020 incident

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(CNN)The International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) has confirmed equine riding volition beryllium dropped from the athletics aft the Paris Olympics successful 2024.

The UIPM Executive Board approved recommendations to regenerate the subject this week, with the planetary governing assemblage saying it was a "historic move" for the athletics which would boost its suitability for aboriginal Olympics.

It comes aft widespread disapproval during Tokyo 2020, erstwhile Germany's modern pentathlon manager Kim Raisner was disqualified for hitting a horse.

    The incidental occurred arsenic Raisner was trying to assistance modern pentathlete Annika Schleu, who was seen visibly struggling to power Saint Boy, the equine she had been assigned to leap with.

      "On behalf of the UIPM Executive Board I inquire our planetary assemblage to clasp alteration and grasp the momentous accidental earlier us," UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said successful a statement, adding that each changes volition beryllium implemented successful clip for the 2028 Olympic Games successful Los Angeles.

      "A caller subject volition supply caller impetus to our athletics and fortify the presumption of Modern Pentathlon wrong the Olympic movement.

      "The Modern Pentathlon volition stay a five-discipline athletics and volition proceed to supply the eventual motivation and carnal introspection of an athlete."

      Annika Schleu struggled to power  her equine  during Tokyo 2020.

      'World's cognition toward the exploitation of horses has evolved'

      Modern Pentathlon has been portion of the Olympic question since it was introduced by Pierre de Coubertin astatine the 1912 Games successful Stockholm.

      Swimming, fencing, moving and shooting volition stay accordant disciplines -- the second 2 person since been combined into 1 Laser Run lawsuit -- but it is presently unclear what volition regenerate equine riding.

      There had been reports that cycling would beryllium included but the UIPM told CNN that this was presently not the case.

      The determination was welcomed by carnal rights radical PETA, which had recommended the athletics driblet the riding discipline.

      "The world's cognition toward the exploitation of horses has evolved, and there's nary country for punishing terrified animals successful the amusement ring," it said successful a statement.

      "PETA looks guardant to the caller cruelty-free pentathlon."

      Meanwhile, pentathletes astir the satellite person been near stunned by the determination to alteration the athletics truthful drastically.

        "Riding successful our athletics isn't perfect, everyone saw what happened successful Tokyo," Olympic champion Joe Choong said connected Twitter.

        "Athletes & coaches person known determination are problems, but it's hard to marque the athletics safer for horses, and athletes, erstwhile the UIPM won't adjacent consult america connected virtually the biggest determination ever made for the sport."

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