Mom becomes friends with ex-husband's new wife while co-parenting kids

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TAMPA, Fla. — Megan and Mike Paskas were joined successful 2009. They had a son, but the matrimony didn’t last. After 4 years, they divorced and they each remarried idiosyncratic new, but they inactive had problems.

"After our divorce, we recovered it precise hard to co-parent due to the fact that we had a batch of issues we hadn’t worked through," biologic parent Megan Stortz said. "We weren’t communicating successful a steadfast mode and erstwhile I started to spot it instrumentality a toll connected our son, I wasn’t like, I request to find thing other to bash that works."

So, Megan reached retired to her ain step-mom for advice. She suggested that Megan nonstop Tiffany, the step-mother of her son, a gift.

"I was frightened due to the fact that we some grew up successful divorced families and you don’t bash that, my ma and my step-mom didn’t get on astatine all," she said. "But, I sent her a Mother's Day paper and a vessel of champagne, and successful the card, I wrote thing like, 'thank you for being specified a affirmative power connected my son’s life.'"

It was a acquisition that Tiffany Paskas said she was amazed to get.

"With the acquisition that she sent me, I really retrieve going to enactment and telling my co-workers that she had fixed maine a vessel of champagne and they were like, don’t portion it, but I already did," measurement parent Tiffany Paskas said.

What neither of them knew was however that motion would unfastened a doorway of connection to not lone amended attraction for their children, but that it would blossom into a friendship.

"She's the champion person I’ve ever wanted," Stortz said.

The 2 don't lone emotion and privation the champion for the aforesaid children, but they realized they had a batch successful common.

"It besides doesn’t assistance that we lucifer and bash our make-up truthful alike truthful radical are similar beatified cattle you guys are a batch akin than we thought," Paskas said.

Now, Megan and Tiffany, their husbands, the kid they share, positive Megan's youngest son, started doing things unneurotic arsenic a household of six.

They person gained a batch of involvement aft documenting their co-parenting travel connected societal media, called 'Moms of Tampa.' Their anticipation is to interruption down the stigma astir step-parents and co-parenting.

Tampa ma  becomes champion  friends with ex-husband's caller   woman  portion    co-parenting kids

Moms of Tampa

"We effort precise hard to enactment the kids first, and past we are the adults who person to marque the adjustments and spell done the awkward phases due to the fact that arsenic children of divorce, we cognize what that’s similar and we don’t privation them to spell done that either," Paskas said.

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