Mom delivers 'micro preemie' 16 weeks early

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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - A Polk County mates is celebrating Mother’s Day earlier than expected aft having their babe astir 4 months early.

Engaged mates Kayla Weiss and Austyn Hopkins weren’t precisely readying connected a babe erstwhile they recovered retired they were large backmost successful December.

“It was surprising, it was precise surprising. We weren’t expecting it,” said Hopkins.

And they surely weren’t expecting to observe Mother’s Day arsenic caller parents.

“It’s conscionable brainsick to maine due to the fact that 4 weeks agone I was thinking, ‘Okay, technically would I beryllium celebrating Mother’s Day?’ adjacent though she wasn’t born, and present she’s calved and I’m a mother,” said Weiss.

At the extremity of April, Kayla’s doctors realized she needed to majorly determination up her owed date.

“I went to the doc and it was a regular sojourn and my humor unit was 190 implicit 110, and they’re similar you’re adjacent to having a seizure, you request to spell to the hospital,” said Weiss.

Kayla had preeclampsia, a unsafe wellness complication caused by precocious humor unit that tin pb to superior oregon adjacent fatal complications for parent and baby.

“August 8th was her owed day and we had her April 23rd,” said Weiss.

Paisley Scott Hopkins was calved weighing lone 14 ounces and was lone 9 inches long. She’s inactive successful the NICU up successful Chattanooga and has dilatory been growing, present weighing a small implicit a pound.

“She’s successful a small container wherever you’re capable to instrumentality your hands into conscionable to interaction her,” said Austyn.

Kayla and Austyn and present anxiously awaiting the infinitesimal they tin really clasp and buss their babe girl.

“I deliberation it’s going to beryllium precise affectional for me,” said Weiss.

“It’s going to beryllium precise emotional,” Austyn agreed.

The mates accidental they’re going to walk their archetypal Mother’s Day astatine the infirmary with Paisley, and person household coming up to observe with them.

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