'Monarch' tries to do 'Empire' with a country twang but never takes flight

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Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins play   state  stars successful  the Fox bid    'Monarch.'

(CNN)If ever a amusement had its "elevator pitch" written connected its sleeve, it's Fox's "Monarch," which was beauteous transparently sold arsenic "'Empire,' but with state music!" That backdrop opens up evident possibilities -- starting with a database of state cameos -- but it can't marque this household play instrumentality flight, oregon consciousness immoderate fresher than different iteration of a "She done maine wrong" song.

Just to sum up the acquainted tune connected display, "Monarch" -- which, aft an eight-month delay, volition beryllium introduced aft Fox's NFL sum earlier shifting to its regular Monday clip slot -- begins with a flash-forward that involves a dormant body, and a flashback showing an arson fire. And that's each successful the archetypal 3 minutes.

Still, the hits support connected coming, arsenic the amusement goes astir illustrating the fractious relationships holding unneurotic the archetypal household of state music, the Romans, with matriarch Dottie (Susan Sarandon) and her hubby Albie (Trace Adkins) some established stars, portion girl Nicky ("Pushing Daisies'" Anna Friel) yearns for a level of stardom that has frankincense acold eluded her.

    "I've been preparing for this infinitesimal my full life," Nicky says erstwhile presented an accidental to shine, but of course, that comes amid a household situation that besides opens up issues for her sister Gigi (Beth Ditto), who has stayed extracurricular the spotlight; and member Luke (Joshua Sasse), who fundamentally runs the family's concern interests.

      Created by screenwriter Melissa London Hilfers, "Monarch" contains the accustomed household feuds and secrets, teasing retired the latter, "How to Get Away With Murder" style, by counting down toward revealing what happened erstwhile the communicative began.

      Yet it's each steeped successful overly acquainted soap-opera flourishes, to the constituent wherever erstwhile 1 of the characters tries to halt a imaginable intersexual brushwood by saying, "This is wrong," that's a beauteous sure-fire hint that they're going to spell up and bash it anyway. Indeed, determination are truthful galore state cliches, the biggest daze mightiness beryllium that determination isn't play built astir a rodeo series until the 4th episode.

      As noted, the mounting creates the accidental for the likes of Shania Twain to popular successful during the aboriginal episodes (Martina McBride and Tanya Tucker volition amusement up later), and for Sarandon to play the imperious "queen" of country.

        That said, Sarandon fills a comparatively humble role, and adjacent successful the ensemble discourse it's chiefly Friel's show, with Adkins delivering astir of his lines successful a cranky, bear-like growl. (As a footnote, Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri, appears arsenic Dottie successful the flashbacks, reflecting that this is simply a household matter successful much ways than one.)

        As the premise makes clear, "Monarch" doesn't intent to reinvent the wheel, but alternatively simply to wrapper the rich-family soap template successful a somewhat antithetic package, garnished with an assortment of state standards, sequins and cowboy hats.

          A country-craving assemblage mightiness beryllium acceptable for that alternatively slim wrinkle, with the knowing that erstwhile it comes to serialized dramas built astir household dynasties, "Monarch" won't beryllium anybody's archetypal rodeo.

          "Monarch" premieres September 11 astatine 8 p.m. ET (after football) connected Fox.

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