More than 300 all-time heat records were broken in the US this summer. See where it was the hottest

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(CNN)This summertime hasn't conscionable seemed hotter than accustomed — information shows the long, lingering vigor waves that blanketed overmuch of the state were unprecedented.

From June 1 done September 12, astatine slightest 356 all-time vigor records from California to Maine from a subset of upwind stations were tied oregon broken, according to a CNN investigation of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data. CNN examined the highest maximum and minimum temperatures collected by upwind stations crossed the state with astatine slightest 30 years of data.

Although ample swaths of Texas and California endured triple-digit temperatures for respective days successful a row, the authorities that matched oregon exceeded the astir vigor records this summertime was Oregon. The Beaver State registered all-time grounds vigor 66 antithetic times this summer, astir 60 of them successful July alone.

As sweltering arsenic things whitethorn person felt during the day, the vigor aft the prima went down was adjacent much unusual. In the little 48 states, the nighttime lows this summertime were the hottest connected record. More than 70% of each the vigor records tied oregon breached were for the hottest debased somesthesia achieved during the day.

In summation to respective precocious unit systems crossed the West and Northeast, the greater fig of nighttime records versus the daytime tin beryllium partially explained by the bedewed conditions successful immoderate parts of the country, according to Ahira Sanchez-Lugo, a climatologist astatine NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information.

"Clouds assistance marque the daytime temperatures a spot cooler since they assistance artifact the sun's star rays, portion trapping the Earth's vigor during the night," Sanchez-Lugo said.

A North American monsoon was progressive successful the southwest this summertime and rainfall clouds person kept daytime precocious temperatures astatine bay and overnight debased temperatures elevated, Sanchez-Lugo said. In New Mexico, for example, each 15 of the vigor records tied oregon breached successful July and August were for nighttime lows.

Warming temperatures astatine nighttime airs a peculiar menace to communities without aerial conditioning, specified arsenic those successful metro areas successful California and Oregon. More than fractional of residents successful the San Francisco metro country deficiency aerial conditioning, according to the 2019 American Housing Survey. In San Antonio and Boston, which are located successful much humid climates, the aforesaid is existent of less than 10% of homes.

However, the vigor records breached successful California and Oregon occurred successful the inland upland and godforsaken regions, which are much sparsely populated. Although temperatures successful the 90s and adjacent 100s and 110s tin hap successful parts of metro Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, the biggest crushed those cities person less aerial conditioned homes is due to the fact that of overmuch cooler water temperatures than connected the Gulf and East Coasts.

"The seabreeze astir ever blows the cooler aerial implicit the water implicit onshore to support coastal areas reasonably mild," said Ryan Littrell, a meteorologist astatine National Weather Service Los Angeles. "As a result, aerial conditioning is not needed the immense bulk of the year."

Although areas person to the seashore are inactive getting warmer, the chill Pacific waters person helped dull the vigor spikes experienced successful places further inland. In downtown Los Angeles, the mean precocious somesthesia has risen implicit the past 30 years by 0.7 degrees. Over that aforesaid clip period, the mean precocious successful San Antonio has risen by 2.8 degrees, according to NOAA.

"It is warmer present than the archetypal fractional of the 20th century, but we inactive person the chill Pacific Ocean to help," Littrell said.

Extreme vigor is already 1 of the deadliest upwind phenomena, and scientists accidental vigor is becoming much utmost and much predominant due to the fact that of the planet-warming emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Scientists foretell 50-year vigor waves — those that are truthful utmost they would usually lone beryllium seen erstwhile each 50 years — volition go overmuch much predominant arsenic the satellite warms. The satellite is already 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer than pre-industrial times; astatine 4 degrees, the accidental of a 50-year extreme-heat lawsuit volition summation to astir 80% each year.

CNN's Judson Jones contributed to this report.

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