Morning Jolt! Cocaine Stashed Amid Coffee Bean Bags At Swiss Warehouse

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GENEVA (AP) — Swiss constabulary accidental an probe is underway aft workers astatine a Nespresso warehouse successful occidental Switzerland recovered 500 kilograms (over 1,100 pounds) of cocaine, with a thoroughfare worth of $50 million, arsenic they unloaded java beans that had arrived by train.

Regional constabulary successful Fribourg said precocious Thursday they were alerted Monday by the institution to the find astatine the installation successful the municipality of Romont and instantly acceptable up a “broad information perimeter” astir it with a ample deployment of officers. Customs and borderline power agents were called in.

Early indications were that the shipment turned up successful 5 containers that had arrived by oversea from Brazil earlier being transferred onto a train, authorities said.

“The cocaine seized has an 80% grade of purity and its marketplace worth is estimated astatine much than 50 cardinal francs,” the constabulary said, adding that the stash appeared “destined for the European market.”

On Friday, the European Union’s instrumentality enforcement bureau Europol and the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction reported that cocaine availability successful Europe “is astir apt astatine an all-time high.”

Switzerland is not an EU subordinate but is portion of the Schengen portion that allows for visa-free question among galore European countries.

The monitoring halfway said it estimates the EU cocaine retail marketplace was worthy astatine slightest 10.5 cardinal euros ($11.1 billion) successful 2020, portion cautioning that the fig was apt to underestimate the existent size of the market.

It said the largest quantities of cocaine are seized successful Belgian, Dutch and Spanish ports, but expanding amounts are turning up astatine ports elsewhere “suggesting that trafficking groups are extending their activities to ports wherever cocaine interdiction measures whitethorn beryllium perceived arsenic little intensive.”

Swiss nutrient and drinks elephantine Nestle, which owns Nespresso, sought to reassure customers that “all our products are harmless to consume.”

“We person strict prime controls successful spot for greenish java arriving astatine our warehouses close up to the finished product,” the Vevey, Switzerland-based institution said successful a connection emailed to The Associated Press. “The substance successful question did not travel into interaction with immoderate of our products oregon accumulation instrumentality utilized to marque our products.”

Nestle said it could not supply much details due to the fact that of the ongoing constabulary investigation.

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