Mosque vandalized, $50K+ in damages

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MINNEAPOLIS -- A burglar was caught connected camera, smashing his mode done a Minneapolis mosque. The way of demolition volition outgo thousands of dollars to repair, but immoderate of the harm isn't arsenic easy fixed. 

Broken glass, damaged doors and bent donation boxes. That's what members of Tawfiq Islamic Center successful Minneapolis recovered pursuing a break-in precocious Sunday night.

"He came and attacked our spot of worship," a trustee said.

mosque-vandalism.jpg CAIR-MN

The idiosyncratic down the burglary was caught connected camera aft camera.

"And helium began to destruct astir each azygous doorway helium could find. He destroyed the offices. He vandalized the property," Jaylani Hussein, enforcement manager of CAIR-MN, said.

Cameras captured the constituent of entry, prying unfastened a backmost door.  Then helium made his mode done the gym, forced his mode done the adjacent door, spending astir 40 minutes wrong the mosque.

The video captures idiosyncratic walking done hallways. You spot him footwear doors and instrumentality wealth from donation boxes located astir the mosque. The estimated nonaccomplishment of is astir $50,000. They accidental they tin repair what was damaged.

mosque-vandalism-suspect.jpg Police merchandise photos of the suspect. Minneapolis Police Department

"However our consciousness of safety, and the interaction it volition have, is simply a semipermanent interaction connected our community," the trustee said.

The assemblage expressed concern, starring to a sojourn from the city's apical cop. They study this is the 4th important incidental astatine a Minnesota mosque since the commencement of the year.

"Although galore of the motives are different, the effect is each the same, which it leaves communities damaged, suffer their consciousness of safety, terrorized," Abdulahi Farah with Muslim Coalition said.

Police accidental preliminary accusation suggests the motive was theft. Because it happened astatine a mosque, it volition enactment to find retired if the enactment was motivated by hatred oregon bias.  

Contact CrimeStoppers oregon constabulary if you admit him. The assemblage is offering a $6,000 reward for information.

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