Murder or self-defense? Jury to begin hearing case in killing of Ahmaud Arbery

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People stitchery successful beforehand of a mural of Ahmaud Arbery painted connected the broadside of The Brunswick African American Cultural Center demanding justness for Ahmaud Arbery successful Brunswick, Georgia, November 4, 2021. REUTERS/Octavio Jones/File Photo

BRUNSWICK, Ga., Nov 5 (Reuters) - In a proceedings that volition scrutinize citizen's apprehension laws, an astir all-white Georgia assemblage volition perceive opening arguments connected Friday successful the lawsuit of 3 achromatic men accused of chasing down and sidesplitting Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery, who they accidental they suspected was a burglar.

The shooting of Arbery, 25, successful a suburb of the coastal metropolis of Brunswick successful February 2020 stoked nationalist outrage aft cellphone video taken by 1 of the 3 defendants became nationalist much than 2 months later.

Arbery's relatives, immoderate of whom person attended assemblage enactment since the proceedings began successful Glynn County Superior Court successful Brunswick connected Oct. 18, person alleged that Arbery was targeted connected the ground of his race.

Former policeman Gregory McMichael, 65, his lad Travis McMichael, 35, and neighbour William "Roddie" Bryan, 52, look charges of murder, aggravated battle and mendacious imprisonment.

All person pleaded not blameworthy and look a condemnation of beingness imprisonment if convicted connected the execution charges. They person been brought regular from a adjacent jailhouse to be assemblage selection, dressed successful suits and ties. A assemblage of 11 achromatic radical and 1 Black idiosyncratic was chosen connected Wednesday. work much

The McMichaels and Bryan chased Arbery successful pickup trucks arsenic helium ran done the chiefly achromatic Satilla Shores vicinity connected a Sunday day earlier cornering and confronting him. Police accidental Travis McMichael fired a shotgun 3 times aft Arbery initially grappled with the limb and past turned to run.

The defendants said they suspected Arbery was a burglar and were trying to marque a citizen's arrest. Arbery had entered a adjacent vacant spot wherever a location was nether construction, but the proprietor says thing was taken and helium believed Arbery had stopped by for a portion of water.

Defense attorneys reason that the men were acting wrong the scope of a now-defunct mentation of Georgia's "citizen's arrest" law, which allows radical to detain idiosyncratic they fishy has conscionable committed a felony transgression and is attempting to flee.

Spurred by the shooting, authorities lawmakers repealed the law, contending it was overly broad. Governor Brian Kemp said it was a "Civil War-era law, ripe for abuse."

Defense attorneys are besides claiming self-defense due to the fact that the video recorded by Bryan shows Arbery turning toward Travis McMichael and grabbing his shotgun successful what they accidental was an attack.


Prosecutors are expected to amusement jurors Bryan's cellphone video arsenic they question to transportation jurors to convict the men connected the astir superior charges — malice execution and felony murder, which are Georgia's versions of first-degree murder.

Prosecutors bash not person to beryllium that the men acceptable retired to termination Arbery. Instead, they indispensable amusement that the defendants killed Arbery with malice oregon portion they were committing different felony, specified arsenic the aggravated battle complaint the defendants besides face.

"It's the intent of the underlying offenses and the result," Mawuli Davis, an Atlanta-based civilian rights attorney, said successful an interview. "Did idiosyncratic dice portion they committed those offenses? That makes it execution whether they meant to termination oregon not."

Arbery's aunt Thea Brooks, 37, has been organizing immoderate demonstrations and said she plans to beryllium extracurricular the Glynn County courthouse arsenic often arsenic she tin successful enactment of her nephew, a erstwhile shot star, whom she described arsenic having a large bosom and casual smile.

"We privation our large day, our time successful court," Brooks told Reuters.

It took much than 2 months earlier the archetypal charges were filed, and lone aft the Georgia Bureau of Investigation took the lawsuit from section police, filing charges aft conscionable 36 hours.

The erstwhile territory lawyer successful the case, Jackie Johnson, was voted retired of bureau and aboriginal charged with violating her oath of bureau and obstructing instrumentality enforcement due to the fact that she told constabulary not to record charges.

The elder McMichael had worked for her arsenic an investigator. She has pleaded not blameworthy to the charges and told the media she did thing wrong.

Reporting by Rich McKay successful Atlanta and Jonathan Allen successful New York; Editing by Ross Colvin and Peter Cooney

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