Musk Endorses Republicans As Concerns Grow Over Twitter’s Impact on Elections

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New Twitter CEO Elon Musk continued the chaotic commencement to his caller job, tweeting a time earlier the Tuesday midterms, arsenic far-right extremism actively threatens American democracy, that helium would similar to spot Republicans instrumentality power of Congress.

The billionaire targeted autarkic voters successful his tweet Monday, arguing that Republican power of Congress volition equilibrium retired a Democrat successful the White House. However, erstwhile this nonstop script existed nether erstwhile President Barack Obama, it resulted successful a painfully stalled docket arsenic Republicans blocked projected authorities successful Congress.

“To independent-minded voters: Shared powerfulness curbs the worst excesses of some parties, truthful I urge voting for a Republican Congress, fixed that the Presidency is Democratic,” he tweeted.

“Hardcore Democrats oregon Republicans ne'er ballot for the different side, truthful autarkic voters are the ones who really determine who’s successful charge!”

To independent-minded voters:

Shared powerfulness curbs the worst excesses of some parties, truthful I urge voting for a Republican Congress, fixed that the Presidency is Democratic.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 7, 2022

In May, the richest antheral successful the satellite announced that helium would halt voting for Democrats, arsenic helium had done previously, and alternatively ballot Republican in the midterms. He claimed that the Democratic Party is excessively divisive — contempt notable caller examples of Republicans spreading disinformation, political violence and conspiracy theories.

Concerns are increasing implicit the interaction of Musk’s $44 cardinal Twitter takeover and however it volition impact the midterms, which volition determine power of Congress. During his archetypal week connected the job, the billionaire went rogue trying to drastically alteration the level successful an effort to chopped costs and rebuild the institution successful alignment with his vision.

Musk began wide layoffs astatine the institution on Friday, and 3,700 workers mislaid their jobs earlier helium allegedly asked to rehire dozens of them back implicit the weekend. He’s meantime circulated memes, jokes, conspiracy theories and imaginable plans for Twitter that he’s fleshing retired successful existent time.

The billionaire besides made the determination to connection verified accounts to each Twitter users for $8 a month, which helium claims volition democratize the work alternatively of reserving the bluish cheque for the elite. Verified accounts — which were antecedently escaped — were fixed to journalists and nationalist figures arsenic a mode to authenticate their identities successful the look of imaginable imposters.

Reserving verified accounts for nationalist officials allowed Twitter and its users to amended benignant done disinformation. If Musk requires verified users to wage to support their bluish checks, that could exacerbate the dispersed of conspiracy theories during this predetermination season. According to The New York Times, however, Musk is not readying to update Twitter’s verification argumentation until aft the elections.

Twitter’s caput of information and integrity, Yoel Roth, tweeted connected Friday that the company’s front-line contented moderation unit was the radical slightest affected by the wide layoffs. Still, galore companies person paused advertizing connected the platform retired of interest that Musk’s argumentation changes volition embolden extremists to station racist, antisemitic, convulsive connection and imagery.

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