Nancy Pelosi Admits She 'Was Very Scared’ About Attack On Husband

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WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held backmost tears speaking Monday for the archetypal clip astir being awakened by pounding connected the doorway arsenic Capitol Police rushed to archer her astir the assault connected her husband astatine the family’s location successful San Francisco.

“I was precise scared,” Pelosi told CNN successful an interview. “I’m reasoning my children, my grandchildren. I ne'er thought it would beryllium Paul.”

On the eve of the midterm elections, the Democratic person is opening up astir the brutal attack, arsenic her enactment is struggling against a surge of Republican enthusiasm to support power of Congress astatine a clip of rising threats of unit against lawmakers and concerns implicit the U.S. election.

Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was bludgeoned with a hammer 11 days earlier the predetermination by an intruder authorities said broke into the family’s San Francisco and was looking for the talker earlier striking the 82-year-old successful the caput astatine slightest once. The intruder told constabulary helium wanted to speech to Speaker Pelosi and would “break her kneecaps” arsenic a acquisition to different Democrats. Paul Pelosi suffered a fractured skull and different injuries successful what authorities said was a intentional governmental attack.

Pelosi said she was sleeping astatine her flat successful Washington, having conscionable returned from San Francisco, erstwhile determination was a “bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” connected her door. It was astir 5 a.m. connected the greeting of Oct. 28.

“We didn’t adjacent cognize wherever helium was oregon what his information was,” Pelosi said, successful excerpts of the interrogation that is scheduled to aerial aboriginal Monday. “We conscionable knew determination was an battle connected him successful our home.”

David DePape, 42, is being held without bail successful San Francisco aft entering a not blameworthy plea to attempted execution and different charges successful San Francisco. He besides faces national charges of attempted kidnapping of an elected official.

The fringe activistic who followed conspiracy theories broke into the Pelosi home, woke up Paul Pelosi and demanded to speech to “Nancy,” authorities said. When Paul Pelosi told the intruder his woman was retired of town, DePape said helium would wait. After Paul Pelosi called 911, officers arrived to spot the 2 men struggling implicit a hammer earlier DePape struck Paul Pelosi astatine slightest erstwhile successful the caput with the hammer.

DePape aboriginal told constabulary helium wanted to kidnap the talker and threatened to injure her “to amusement different members of Congress determination were consequences to actions.”

The authorities’ stark communicative laid retired successful tribunal filings successful the lawsuit comes successful opposition to the jokes and innuendo that conservatives and immoderate Republican officials person dispersed astir the Pelosis successful the aftermath of the attack.

Pelosi has said small since the onslaught connected her husband, cutting abbreviated her run appearances but spoke successful a virtual telephone to grassroots activists precocious past week aft Paul Pelosi was released from the hospital.

“People accidental to me, ‘What tin I bash to marque you consciousness better?’ I say: ‘Vote!’” Pelosi told those connected the call.

Her dependable cracked astatine times arsenic she said of her husband’s recovery, “It’s going to beryllium a agelong haul.”

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