Nancy Pelosi Arrives In Taiwan, Raising China Tensions

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TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived successful Taiwan connected Tuesday night, becoming the highest-ranking American authoritative to sojourn the self-ruled land that is claimed by China successful 25 years.

Pelosi’s sojourn has triggered accrued tensions betwixt China and the United States. China claims Taiwan arsenic portion of its territory, to beryllium annexed by unit if necessary, and views visits by overseas authorities officials arsenic designation of the island’s sovereignty.

China had warned of “resolute and beardown measures” if Pelosi went up with the trip. The Biden medication did not explicitly impulse her to telephone it off, portion seeking to guarantee Beijing it would not awesome immoderate alteration successful U.S. argumentation connected Taiwan.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. AP’s earlier communicative follows below.

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was believed headed for Taiwan connected Tuesday connected a sojourn that could importantly escalate tensions with Beijing, which claims the self-ruled land arsenic its ain territory.

Pelosi is connected an Asian circuit this week that is being intimately watched to spot if she volition defy China’s warnings against visiting the land republic, a adjacent U.S. ally.

China has vowed to retaliate if Pelosi becomes the highest U.S. elected authoritative to sojourn Taiwan successful much than 25 years, but has fixed nary details. Speculation has centered connected threatening subject exercises and imaginable incursions by Chinese planes and ships into areas nether Taiwanese control.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Washington's betrayal “on the Taiwan contented is bankrupting its nationalist credibility."

“Some American politicians are playing with occurrence connected the contented of Taiwan," Wang said successful a statement. “This volition decidedly not person a bully result ... the vulnerability of America's bullying look again shows it arsenic the world's biggest saboteur of peace."

A level carrying Pelosi and her delegation near Malaysia connected Tuesday aft a little halt that included a moving luncheon with Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Local media successful Taiwan reported that Pelosi would get connected Tuesday night. The United Daily News, Liberty Times and China Times — Taiwan’s 3 largest nationalist newspapers — cited unidentified sources arsenic saying she would walk the nighttime successful Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment. Premier Su Tseng-chang didn’t explicitly corroborate Pelosi’s visit, but said Tuesday that “any overseas guests and affable lawmakers” are “very overmuch welcome.”

Barricades were erected extracurricular the Grand Hyatt Hotel successful Taipei wherever Pelosi was expected to enactment amid heightened security. Two buildings successful the superior lit up LED displays with words of welcome, including the iconic Taipei 101 building, which said “Welcome to Taiwan, Speaker Pelosi.”

China, which regards Taiwan arsenic a renegade state to beryllium annexed by unit if necessary, has repeatedly warned of retaliation if Pelosi visits, saying its subject volition “never beryllium idly by.”

“The U.S. and Taiwan person colluded to marque provocations first, and China has lone been compelled to enactment retired of self-defense,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters Tuesday successful Beijing.

Hua said China has been successful changeless connection with the U.S. and made wide “how unsafe it would beryllium if the sojourn really happens.” Any countermeasures China instrumentality volition beryllium “justified and necessary" successful the look of Washington's “unscrupulous behavior," she said.

Shortly earlier Pelosi was owed to arrive, Chinese authorities media said Chinese SU-35 combatant jets were “crossing” the Taiwan Strait, the assemblage of h2o that separates mainland China and Taiwan. It wasn't instantly wide wherever they were headed oregon what they planned to do.

Unspecified hackers launched a cyberattack connected the Taiwanese Presidential Office’s website, making it temporarily unavailable Tuesday evening. The Presidential Office said the website was restored soon aft the attack, which overwhelmed it with traffic.

“China thinks by launching a multi-domain unit run against Taiwan, the radical of Taiwan volition beryllium be intimidated. But they are wrong,” Wang Ting-yu, a legislator with the Democratic Progressive Party, said connected Twitter successful effect to the attack.

China’s subject threats person driven concerns of a caller situation successful the 100-mile (140-kilometer) -wide Taiwan Strait that could roil planetary markets and proviso chains.

The White House connected Monday decried Beijing's rhetoric, saying the U.S. has nary involvement successful deepening tensions with China and “will not instrumentality the bait oregon prosecute successful saber rattling.”

White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby underscored that the determination whether to sojourn Taiwan was yet Pelosi’s. He noted that members of Congress person routinely visited the land implicit the years.

Kirby said medication officials are acrophobic that Beijing could usage the sojourn arsenic an excuse to instrumentality provocative retaliatory steps, including subject enactment specified arsenic firing missiles successful the Taiwan Strait oregon astir Taiwan, oregon flying sorties into the island’s airspace and carrying retired large-scale naval exercises successful the strait.

“Put simply, determination is nary crushed for Beijing to crook a imaginable sojourn accordant with long-standing U.S. argumentation into immoderate benignant of situation oregon usage it arsenic a pretext to summation assertive subject enactment successful oregon astir the Taiwan Strait,” Kirby said.

U.S. officials person said the U.S. subject would summation its question of forces and assets successful the Indo-Pacific portion if Pelosi visits Taiwan. U.S. Navy craft bearer USS Ronald Reagan and its onslaught radical were successful the Philippine Sea connected Monday, according to officials who spoke connected information of anonymity to sermon subject operations.

The Reagan, the cruiser USS Antietam and the destroyer USS Higgins near Singapore aft a larboard sojourn and moved northbound to their homeport successful Japan. The bearer has an array of aircraft, including F/A-18 combatant jets and helicopters, connected committee arsenic good arsenic blase radar systems and different weapons.

Taiwan and China divided successful 1949 aft the Communists won a civilian warfare connected the mainland. The U.S. maintains informal relations and defence ties with Taiwan adjacent arsenic it recognizes Beijing arsenic the authorities of China.

Beijing sees authoritative American interaction with Taiwan arsenic encouragement to marque the island’s decades-old de facto independency permanent, a measurement U.S. leaders accidental they don’t support. Pelosi, caput of 1 of 3 branches of the U.S. government, would beryllium the highest-ranking elected American authoritative to sojourn Taiwan since then-Speaker Newt Gingrich successful 1997.

The formation tracking tract Flightradar24 said Pelosi's aircraft, a U.S. Air Force Boeing C-40C, was the astir tracked successful the satellite connected Tuesday evening with 300,000 viewers. The level took a roundabout route, flying eastbound implicit Indonesia alternatively than straight implicit the South China Sea.

Pelosi has utilized her presumption successful the U.S. Congress arsenic an emissary for the U.S. connected the planetary stage. She has agelong challenged China connected quality rights, including successful 2009 erstwhile she hand-delivered a missive to then-President Hu Jintao calling for the merchandise of governmental prisoners. She had sought to sojourn Taiwan’s land ideology earlier this twelvemonth earlier investigating affirmative for COVID-19.

Pelosi kicked disconnected her Asian circuit successful Singapore connected Monday arsenic her imaginable sojourn to Taiwan sparked jitters successful the region.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong “highlighted the value of unchangeable U.S.-China relations for determination bid and security” during talks with Pelosi, the city-state's Foreign Ministry said. This was echoed by Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi successful Tokyo, who said unchangeable ties betwixt the 2 rival powers “are highly important for the planetary assemblage arsenic well.”

The Philippines urged the U.S. and China to beryllium “responsible actors" successful the region. “It is important for the U.S. and China to guarantee continuing connection to debar immoderate miscalculation and further escalation of tensions," said Foreign Affairs spokesperson Teresita Daza.

China has been steadily ratcheting up diplomatic and subject unit connected Taiwan. China chopped disconnected each interaction with Taiwan’s authorities successful 2016 aft President Tsai Ing-wen refused to endorse its assertion that the land and mainland unneurotic marque up a azygous Chinese nation, with the Communist authorities successful Beijing being the sole morganatic government.

Pelosi is to question to Japan and South Korea aboriginal this week.


Ng reported from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Associated Press journalists Jim Gomez successful Manila, Philippines, and Mari Yamaguchi successful Tokyo contributed to this report.

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