Neighborhood trying to stop speeding drivers

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SAGINAW, Mich. (WNEM) - Residents of a mid-Michigan assemblage are hoping thing volition beryllium done aft years of drivers racing done their neighborhood.

Drivers person been seen going much than 10 miles implicit the velocity bounds successful 1 Saginaw neighborhood.

David Rousseau claims a batch of radical are driving good supra the posted 25 Mile Per hr Speed bounds connected Warwick Street betwixt Davenport and Weiss.

“There’s radical going 35, 45, 55, 65, you cognize higher than that,” Rousseau said.

Rousseau said it is simply a occupation that has worsened implicit the years, and helium wants thing done astir it.

“We request radar connected this street. And if they don’t person capable policemen, I deliberation we should person astatine slightest similar velocity bumps,” Rousseau said.

Ernestina Smith, who lives a fewer doors down, agrees with Rousseau.

“This is really similar a highway, it’s similar a road due to the fact that that’s however immoderate speeders come,” Smith said.

Smith said she astir saw a clang Tuesday greeting erstwhile a operator tried to walk idiosyncratic who was going the velocity limit. She wants radical to cognize this is residential area.

“There’s a batch of children astir present and I cognize that 2 household members person near this roadworthy due to the fact that of that, it’s not safe,” Smith said.

TV5 spoke with Saginaw Police spokesperson Matthew Gerow to find retired what is being done to code this issue. Gerow said patrols person been connected Warwick earlier and they volition instrumentality soon.

“We’re going to proceed to nonstop retired proactive patrols retired there. Our postulation officer, serviceman Jackson volition beryllium retired determination trying to tally radar and laser,” Gerow said.

Gerow acknowledges determination is simply a problem. He wants residents to cognize the postulation trailer volition beryllium backmost connected Warwick successful June. Gerow is besides considering different options to curb speeding.

“I’m definite determination are radical retired determination that are flying down the roadworthy erstwhile we don’t spot them. And it’s not that we don’t care, it’s conscionable we person to beryllium retired determination to contented the violations and of people we can’t beryllium retired determination 24/7,” Gerow said.

As for Rousseau, helium fears the worst volition hap if much isn’t done.

“I don’t privation anybody getting hurt, and I don’t privation anybody getting killed. And each my neighbors consciousness the aforesaid way,” Rousseau said.

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