Neighbors raise concerns over changes to busy interchange

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Neighbors are pushing backmost against immoderate projected changes to a engaged intersection successful Mount Pleasant, wherever tens of thousands of cars and semitrailers walk done each day.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation said they privation to amended the Interstate 526/Long Point Road Interchange’s ratio to grip aboriginal demand.

Project Director Joy Riley gave a presumption Monday greeting earlier a packed country of neighbors during a gathering of Mount Pleasant’s Transportation Committee.

Riley said 4 of the projected six alternatives volition spell done a much in-depth analysis.

Neighbors raised concerns astir 2 of those 4 alternatives due to the fact that a abstracted disconnected ramp would beryllium built for larboard access, perchance taking distant immoderate homes and adding postulation and sound to their neighborhood.

Public remark for the interchange task wrapped up connected Sept. 1, erstwhile crews received respective 100 comments.

Riley said crews volition beryllium taking those comments into relationship arsenic they determination forward.

“We beauteous overmuch enactment everything connected the table,” Riley said. “These alternatives person risen to the apical due to the fact that they really hole the problem, truthful from this point, we astir apt wouldn’t adhd caller alternatives unless thing comes to airy that we haven’t looked astatine before. We would refine them astatine this constituent to marque them amended and code the community’s concerns.”

Riley estimates the task volition outgo determination astir $150 cardinal to physique out, but a imaginable completion day is inactive unclear.

Click present to cheque retired the alternatives DOT has projected for this interchange.

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