Netflix Premieres New Reality Show Bashing 'Snowflakes' After Comedy Controversies

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Netflix rolled retired its seemingly “anti-woke” world amusement “Snowflake Mountain” this week, UpRoxx reported.

The series, according to its trailer’s YouTube description, depicts “ragtag stuck astatine location snowflakes with zero beingness skills” having to past successful the wilderness.

Netflix notes “Snowflake Mountain” features 10 “spoiled young adults,” and its episodes are described arsenic including cervid skinning, occurrence gathering and histrion climbing.

You tin ticker the show’s trailer below.

The amusement comes arsenic Netflix continues to support comedians who person made transphobic remarks successful drama specials connected the on-demand platform.

Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos, who accepted the Entertainment Person of the Year grant astatine a Cannes Lions league connected Thursday, reiterated his support for Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais, who person made jokes astir trans people.

Sarandos said the work has “always been a protagonist of the art” of comedy, Deadline reported, and the institution is aiming to delight radical with a assortment of comedic tastes.

“We won’t marque everyone happy, but that’s the quality of on-demand: You tin crook it off,” Sarandos said.

“The crushed drama is hard is we don’t each laughter astatine the aforesaid thing. We each outcry astatine the aforesaid thing, truthful play is simply a small easier to propulsion off, but erstwhile it comes to comedy, it’s each precise different.”

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