New all-girl Muslim STEM school opens

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - One of the archetypal all-girl backstage Muslim schools opens successful Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood. Thirty girls volition beryllium the archetypal students of the Khadijah Bint Khuwalid Islamic STEM Academy for Girls.

A couple, who worked successful the Philadelphia School District, accidental they felt determination were not galore schools that adhered to Islamic traditions and disciplines, truthful they decided to unfastened one.

At the caller school, the girls volition instrumentality basal classes with an accent connected mathematics and science. They volition besides larn astir their civilization and the religion of Islam.

"Some of the girls person had their overgarments pulled off, person been attacked, person been abused. The teachers don't needfully cognize that erstwhile it is clip for them to commune that they should pray. The Islamic vacation is Ramadan. We decided to make lessons during that period that would marque it easier for them not conscionable to larn but to fast," CEO and superintendent Hajji Abdurrahman said.  

"So they tin person a spot wherever they person radical that look similar them, spot radical who look similar them, teachers look similar them, classmates look similar them," adjunct superintendent Marquita Hammock said.  

Many of the schoolhouse supplies person been donated.

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