New York Attorney General Shares Her Own Abortion Story With 'No Apologies To Anyone'

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New York Attorney General Letitia James publically revealed that she underwent an termination soon aft being elected to nationalist bureau astir 2 decades ago, telling abortion-rights activists successful New York City connected Tuesday that she makes “no apologies to anyone.”

James, 63, had conscionable won a spot connected New York’s metropolis assembly ― the commencement of a trailblazing nationalist vocation for women and Blacks ― erstwhile she came to the contented of termination “in a precise idiosyncratic way,” she said.

“I was successful this place,” she emotionally told activists who gathered successful effect to a leaked Supreme Court draught sentiment suggesting the tribunal whitethorn overturn the Roe v. Wade landmark making termination a law right.

“I was conscionable elected and I was faced with the determination whether to person an termination oregon not. And I chose to person an abortion. I walked proudly into Planned Parenthood,” she continued amid large cheers and applause. “And I marque nary apologies to anyone. To nary one.”

James was elected to metropolis assembly successful 2003 and served for astir a decade. She was elected New York City nationalist advocator successful 2013, becoming the archetypal Black pistillate to clasp a citywide office. In 2018, erstwhile she was elected New York lawyer general, she became the archetypal Black idiosyncratic and archetypal pistillate to clasp the position. Among her highest-profile cases is an ongoing civilian probe into erstwhile President Donald Trump’s concern practices.

“We volition not spell backwards,” James told thousands of demonstrators gathered Tuesday, vowing to combat immoderate reversal of women’s rights.

The leaked Supreme Court termination sentiment isn’t last and is taxable to alteration earlier the tribunal formally issues a determination successful the adjacent 2 months.

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